No Wonder GM is Moving to Mexico

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  1. Goats’ sharp hooves are now contributing to sand being blown from Mongolia into China because of their eating habits. SMH. what next?

  2. My last GM car was a POS 95 Chevy Corsica, it was a crap car with peeling paint from the time it left the factory. Before that I had an early 90’s Oldsmobile Cutlass which was actually a good car. My favorite GM car was my 55 Chevy station wagon which I had in HS, it was a great car. I currently drive a 91 Honda Civic AWD station wagon with 240,000 miles on it, it’s great little car and I’m not getting rid of it anytime soon as it gets me around just fine with decent gas mileage and is an excellent car in the snow with our moderate to severe Winters in the Pacific NW.

  3. Until the UAW manages to get its hooks into labor in mexico.
    I thought all this shit was supposed to be automated by now; it would sure save a lot of problems

  4. I’ve owned about everything and all my GMs have been good cars; I guess I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another. Having said that, I don’t see this current UAW thing as anything less than a blatant attempt to take the member’s minds of their scandal-plagued leadership. They never should have voted to go out.

  5. Out of a sense of loyalty, I have never owned anything but Fords because my father worked in an assembly plant for about 35 years. The fact that they didn’t take any government bail-out money makes it even better. Dad always hated the union and called them a bunch of bloodsuckers.

  6. Never buy a car from any company having labor issues within a six month window. You new car will have many noticeable and hard to fix noises,shakes and shimmies!

  7. Have you seen the people on the picket lines? They all look like poor immigrants who can’t afford hygiene or decent clothing.

  8. ^^^^^^^^

    “Have you seen the people on the picket lines? They all look like poor immigrants who can’t afford hygiene or decent clothing.”

    Rent-A-Mob: $7.50 an hour, 1099 status

  9. So were are supposed to do everything we can to protect animals unless we get some benefit from those animals. If we get a benefit from those animals then those animals are a danger to the environment.

    Those sheep from whom we get cashmere wool from would be wonderful if we did not get the wool to make cashmere sweaters from them.

  10. After 5+ decades of watching union crap in the steel mills, I knew the unions would fup the good stuff PT started with mfg in the U.S.

    When times are good, mgmt. also had a hand in fupping things up by giving away everything union asked for, without having the options of reversing when belt tightening was needed. Too lazy to fight ridiculous demands. Too scared of strikers.

  11. There are a LOT of trucks sitting in my local GMC dealership.
    And at a lot of dealerships I see.
    The dealers will be fine for a while, I’d say.

  12. No wonder those trucks sitting on the dealerships lots cost 60-70+ thousand dollars and most people can’t afford to buy them unless you and your spouse are government employees.


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