Kamala, The “Top Tier” Candidate


Tell us more about being a “Top Tier Candidate,” Kamala.

A new poll out of Iowa looks pretty damn bad for Kamala “Top Tier Candidate” Harris. MORE

17 Comments on Kamala, The “Top Tier” Candidate

  1. First, get out and vote!

    Next, does anyone, besides a seriously delusional NIMBY liberal. Really think any of the DNC candidates have a chance?

    The modus operandi of this campaign is flinging shit at GEOTUS.

    He will win.

  2. Hey Kammy, a helpful hint…
    Reverse Cowgirl gives you access to both the G-Spot and the Clit, even if your ride is tiny.

    Tell me I didn’t just type that.

  3. More like ‘top drawer.’ That’s where most people keep their underwear and socks.

    Other discarded possibilities:

    top brass, top cat, top dead-centre, top dog, top dollar, top end, top flight, top gear, top grafting, top gun

  4. Turns out, blowing old Willie only works for statewide office (in California) but a whiny insistence (in whatever subject) doesn’t trade nationwide. Perhaps a whole lot more blow jobs might work. Best of Eff you Kamala.


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