White House Decor Gets An Upgrade

Epoch Times:

First Lady Melania Trump Has Done a Lot With the Place.

New pictures taken by an Associated Press photographer showed how first lady Melania Trump has upgraded the White House ahead of a visit from the prime minister of Australia and his family for the second official state dinner.

AP noted that there is the new fabric in the Red Room, new draperies in the Green Room, and newly restored furniture in the Blue Room.

In the Red Room, the wall fabric was “so faded it was almost pink,” said Stewart McLaurin, president of the White House Historical Association, AP reported.

This was the best upgrade, by far:

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  1. Can you imagine Michael’s sense of design for eight years?? Uuuh, that would be zero.

    Talk about a breath of fresh air in the White House.

    A beautiful smart woman WITH a great sense of design she will be known as the modern stewart of the White House, there were a couple of examples in history.

  2. I hope the Trumps fumigated the White House the day they moved in. The stench of Shitcago Deepdish pizza must have been overpowering

  3. I got fleas from… look… I was at the fucking Bureau and got called to go to the Pentagon. I got in the truck, the courier’s truck, and got fucking fleas. He had just been to the O’bola Shithouse, he told me later. I get to the Pentagon, ITCHING. “Hey Pentagon Dude! Hang on a minute. I got fucking bugs on my head. Jumping off my fucking hands. You see this shit?”

    He said, “That’s fucking gross.” Backing from me like I had the Plague. I don’t blame him.

    I said, “I’m fucking covered with them.”

    Being a telco man in DC.

    I shaved my head. It didn’t help. But that’s the truth about O’bola’s White House.

    Fucking fleas.

    Anonymous Erik

  4. When Mike Rogers (an American hero of our Age) told our fine POTUS that his very own building that he was using as a place to conduct all those interviews for his initial WH staff, was being BUGGED, this is when POTUS ‘bugged out’ to Bedminster,NJ a place he knew was NOT bugged, a place where he could conduct business, the new business of our country.

    At the same time he was trying to get rid of the physical bugs in the WH…little did he know about the other physical bugs.


    This is another for the slaves to the NY Times and paying into their bullshit content, I could not get in but I remember this:


    Oh, and they, the WH, had better watch who leaves freakin phones just lying around…on desks…in cushions.

  5. MrsTrump elevates every location she walks into just by being there.
    She is a beautiful, elegant woman in every sense of beauty.

  6. I love my president and his beautiful wife!

    So much nicer than having a couple of game show contestants stinking the place up.

  7. It’s nice to have someone residing in “our” White House that actually cares about putting the best face on that grand old building.

    The previous occupants had the ghetto mindset: “I ain’t paying for the place so who cares what it looks like?”

    I’m glad they’re gone.

  8. Shoulda burned the place down and started over. Nothing else will get rid of the Clinton/Obama stench. On Air Force 1 they had to throw out all the seats, carpets, bathrooms. Then thy rolled down all the windows, opened all the doors, and circled the U.S. for a couple days to get rid of the Big Mike and Barry the Fairy stench. EPA was pissed. They didn’t get permits first.

  9. During the Obama years half the people that visited the White House came down with monkey pox. Also it was common knowledge that Big Moochie was carrying the B virus and shedding profusely.
    The stench immediately noticed on entering the building was fair warning to anyone, especially those with a compromised immune system.

  10. Cleaning the White House after the Obama’s vacated must have ran into the millions. A staggering price tag to make it habitable for humans again but perfectly justifiable.
    Knowing that President Trump is a germ-o-phobe he’d have made it certain the place was cleaned to exacting standards.

  11. Much thanks to her for saving the White House from demolition after the Obama’s infested the place with their foul presence!

  12. @Illustr8r — !!!!

    Your comment reminded me of James Lileks’ book, “Interior Desecrations: Horrible Homes From the Brass Age of American Design”. If you don’t have your own copy, drop everything and order one from Amazon right now! Not only has he compiled every example of really awful interior design (in pictures), the commentary that goes with each one will make you laugh ’til you pee your pants.

    Here’s his description of the Oblowme’s dining room:

    “The Nautilus, c. 1971. Captain Nemo is showing the guests around the sub. And here we did the galley to make it lighter and more airy; I think ferns really brighten up a sub –

    And then the giant octopus tentacles covered the windows! Dive! Dive! Dive!

    Actually, no. This appears to be a work of art based on the butts of three shaved cats. Make that three spore-shedding shaved cats from the Tangerine Dimension. Remember, friends: always coordinate your gigantic, room-smothering wallcoverings with your napkin rings. People notice such things.”


    Lileks has an extensive blog, too. Just search his name.

  13. Remember that the Trump family did not move in for a few weeks after the 0bozos vacated.

    There was necessary powerwashing, flea bombs, and fungicide spraying.
    Then came new carpets, painting, plumbing fixtures, etc, etc…..

  14. Remember the first thing the Mooch did was tear up the lawn and plant her “organic” watermelon patch? Gardeners had to tell her that years and years of chemicals and fertilizers left the lawn soil contaminated for years to come. She didn’t care, she had to grow her own watermelons and invite kneegrow school children over to pick them for her. The meme’s were hilarious!

  15. One dining room makeover painting from Mrs. BO, Jr shows what looks like an American flag hanging across the back of a seat (in foreground). Very disrespectful.

  16. According to the staff, they closed down the Moslem Prayer Room and sold the rugs on eBay. However, Voodoo Mother-in-law’s sacrificial chicken blood stains required three coats of KILZ Primer on the walls.


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