Kamala’s Not Looking So Good Lately – IOTW Report

Kamala’s Not Looking So Good Lately

American Thinker

By Kirstin Stein

Kamala Harris hasn’t been looking well lately.  She gave a maskless interview to CNN’s Dana Bash a week ago, and she looked much more jowly and wrinkly than she did just three months ago, when she took the oath of office.  She has a bit more junk in the trunk now, and gone are the purple, maroon, and ivory suits; it’s black or navy all the time now, the better to hide the extra jiggly bits.  A lot of her sentences now begin with “Well, I mean,” signaling the intellectual vacuity she’s settled for, as though she’s completely given up on trying to sound smart.

Is the stress of not being able to do her job getting to her?  Does she have Imposter Syndrome on steroids and the medication has stopped working?  Or does she have some awful knowledge of a certain future event the rest of us don’t know about and is coping with it the best way she can?  On April 23, she gave a speech to the IBEW Local 490 in Concord, N.H., and she slurred and giggled her way through “I think it is important to look at folks like Haley and Kelly and also say we’re gonna take note of the fact that during the pandemic 2 million people, 2 million women people (pause, nod, nod, giggle, giggle) became unemployed.”  (Is that funny?  I don’t get it.)  Is she spending her days with Jose Cuervo now?  Sipping Vodkawaiian Punch from the juice bottle?  When her secretary accepts an engagement for her, does she whisper into the receiver, “Mrs. Harris would appreciate the offer of a teeny martooni upon arriving at the venue”? more here

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  2. when jotater (love that one) keels over, nanzi and her will have a real cat fight. They’ll throw her over like a lead weight on a sinking rowboat.

  3. “Kamala’s Not Looking So Good Lately”

    Compared to when? She’s a fraudulent, scheming, evil opportunist. Willing to step on or step over anyone in her way (or sleep with them if they can push her another step up). A thoroughly despicable being. I’m ashamed to be the same gender as her.

  4. You think she looks bad, you should smell her. It’t like Tuna, Jerri curl, and the La Brea Tar Pits for an after shave.

  5. “Kamala’s Not Looking So Good Lately”

    Let’s be real….she has NEVER ‘looked good’.

  6. Can’t hide crazy, can’t hide stupid, can’t hide crazy stupid

  7. Her head being as wide as her neck is what I noticed in her most recent black pant suited interview.

  8. Ain’t never done a damn thing for me. She was the kind of hanger on that I ran from since high school. Her style is derivative and contrived. She reminds me of the hangers on that would screw anyone for attention. I don’t care much for her looks either.

  9. Cynic, lol, I’ve lived a salty life. Reminds me of these lyrics.

    Living on the road my friend was gonna keep you free and clean
    And now you were your skin like iron and your breath’s as hard as kerosene

  10. There is no doubt chief magistrate of the House Gizzard neck is an alcoholic. Remember when, under the Obama administration, she spent millions to refit Air-force two with a new bar..? Doesn’t Pelsoi have her own Winery..? And she’s always looking pale or flush..

    I’d like to get a blood sample of hers at random.

  11. She looks tired, worried and ‘out of gas.’ She must know she can’t do the job of President, nor is she eligible for it unless the Constitution is violated.

    The countdown clock is ticking…

  12. Her skin is suffering from the effects of too many “facials” on her way up the political ladder.

    And that laugh of hers is a byproduct of her lack of a gag reflex.

  13. Looks like she picked the wrong week to stop sniffing brown willie.

  14. Botox wearing off.
    She knows she’s dumb as a box of rocks and Pedo Joe is going downhill fast.
    The House Drinker has probably been treating Kommiela to liquid lunches.

  15. Adrenochrome Withdrawal .

    They’re probably using it as an obedience device…Step out of line?

    No Nectar for You.

  16. She’s been a ditz from Day 1, but she’s always known which way the wind blows and I’d say she sees it ain’t blowing her way.. And then there’s Pelosi Galore behind her, but the audit does seem to be doing well which makes every Demo in on the steal up for a long stretch in the latest Federal prison above the Arctic Circle.

    So Trump says the rallies will restart soon. If so, that’s the beginning of the rebellion.

    We may have a real President again before Christmas. Ho Ho Ho.

  17. After years of sleeping her way to the top I can imagine something else is pretty jowly, wrinkly and worn out!

  18. I remember before she was picked as VP that some people believed she was a power player who had strategically seeded her former campaign people into Biden’s campaign, and that this made her selection a foregone conclusion. It was also supposed that this Machiavellian menace would be the true power behind the throne and depose Biden quickly. What a difference a hundred days make.

    I believed that theory for a minute, but then realized that they were going to ride old Noe all the way to the glue factory, and make sure Harris can’t be blamed for Joe’s Marxist EO’s, so she can take office in 2023 when he resigns for health reasons, and she can run as a moderate in 2024 if they decide she can. ValJar must be having a good laugh.

  19. Damn, TRF…

    Thanks for the image of “a burned taco crusted with dried guacamole filling the room with the odor of burning bicycle tires.”

  20. Scuse me, but when was she “looking so good?”
    Just another cum-sock.
    Except it cackles.

    izlamo delenda est …

  21. When you think about all the excrement in the Biden/Harris clan, you have to wonder about Heels Up’s husband. How does a guy handle knowing his wife got everywhere she is in life by using her mouth for things other than eating or speaking?

  22. @ orestia

    She regularly gargles with Listerine after sucking the chrome off trailer hitches. He’s OK when she goes down on him with “a fresh start.”

  23. Well, this thread sure took an ugly turn.

  24. Tip of the day: Probably best to stay upwind of her as well.

  25. Douglas Wakeman

    What is it with those Van Zandts? There’s a bunch of them and they’re all dripping with talent. Thanks for posting

  26. No reason to look good any more. She’s already sucked herself to the top.

  27. I think it’s all part of an evil plan; in 2 years she will look exactly like Stacey Abrams, then they will pull the old switcheroo.

  28. From the article:
    “ Remember those early days, when she was maquillaged to perfection and could toss her deliberately casual hairdo back and forth without it losing its place, wearing bossy power suits with the shoulder pads out to here, patinaed with the insecurity of a Chihuahua always ready to fight but hoping everyone watching would think she was a Presa Canario? “

    I think Dennis Miller actually wrote this article.

  29. TOO much sperm? 😳

    (Sorry. That’s kinda my standard response to anything about her 😳 )

  30. Who needs to look good when you have a fawning media. After the last 12+ years of being told Michelle is basically a super model while being bombarded of heinous pictures Kamala should be an easy sell.

  31. I’ve seen better looking faces on an iodine bottle.

  32. It’s what used to be called Paralysis of the Insane. That was before they understood late stage syphilis.

  33. She knows she will never be President because she’s an anchor baby. Pelosi will be President if something happens to Biden. Scary stuff.

  34. She got by with fucking homely old men with power. Now she’s too old to be desireable, and her fucking-to-succeed are over. Now she is exposed for what she is: an over-ambitious slut, with nothing else to offer.

    She had it made. But no – she believed her own press, and she is in deep shit.

    Attention all ambitious sluts: be careful what you wish for, and quit while you guve – er, are – ahead.

  35. She still sucks a mean dick!
    Even if it’s a little limp …

  36. It’s a hard life being a whore & President at the same time. Makes one age more rapidly.


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