Kenosha Mayor, Lead Detective and Prosecutor All Related

Kenosha County Eye

Kenosha Mayor John Antaramain has been mayor since 2016 and was elected in 2020 for his sixth term until 2024. He also served as mayor from 1992 to 2008. After this term, he will have been mayor for 24 years. Many sources have told us he will not be seeking a seventh term because of the immense backlash from the Kenosha Riots of 2020…

…the lead detective in this case is Benjamin Antaramian, his nephew…The mayor’s cousin is the Kenosha City Attorney, Ed Antaramian (D). His nephew is the Kenosha City Judge Michael Easton (D). His other nephew is Thaddeus (Tip) McGuire (D), State Representative. His other cousin is Laura Belsky (D) County Board Supervisor. More

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  1. Would want to plot out the family tree & see if it’s a straight stick, or a wreath?

  2. Kinda like the Pelosis, Browns and Newsoms crime family.

    Don’t forget the Kennedys, the Bidens and the Clintons. – Dr. Tar

  3. An extended family of chair-moistening bureaucrats and corrupt politicians, all of ’em muzzle down at the Gummint Cheez 🧀 feed-trough.

    Nepotism at it’s worst.

  4. A city of local swamp rates!

    If Kenosha is like my mid sized city in Ohio a very large percentages of the city’s and/or county’s personnel budgets go to a large number of local swamp rates all from the same 2 maybe 3 families.


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