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Killer whales go on ‘unprecedented’ killing spree


A week of insane whale sightings in Monterey Bay got even crazier Wednesday when a pod of nine killer whales attacked a gray whale calf right in front of a whale watching tour boat.

This is the fourth kill in seven days for the group of orcas. That’s one kill every other day since last Thursday by the same nine killer whales (with a few others joining occasionally). Nancy Black, a marine biologist with Monterey Bay Whale Watch who has been studying these whales for decades, called the frequency of the pod’s killings “remarkable” and “unprecedented.”


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  2. Some years ago there was a push to have orcas renamed “Huggy Whales.” The movement was ultimately unsuccessful, due largely to the fact that a significant number of the organizers were killed and eaten by the predators.

    Survivors are currently engaged in other projects such as Earth Day events.

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