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King Charles Portrait Looks Like a Bloody Disaster


The vast oil on canvas shows a larger-than-life King Charles in the uniform of the Welsh Guards.

The vivid red work, measuring about 8ft 6in by 6ft 6in, is by Jonathan Yeo, who has also painted Tony Blair, Sir David Attenborough and Malala Yousafzai.

Queen Camilla is said to have looked at the painting and told Yeo: “Yes, you’ve got him.”

In the new portrait, the King is depicted, sword in hand, with a butterfly landing on his shoulder. More

27 Comments on King Charles Portrait Looks Like a Bloody Disaster

  1. Wouldn’t it be great if Chuck and Peanut died on the same day?

    And then all the Communists running the Globalist scam died in a DEI accident flying to one funeral or another?

    Except for Pedo Joe.

    HE needs to die long and slow, shitting and screaming on his way out until he ruptures something.

  2. Check out TGP or WND for the mirrored affect of Baphomet. These elites all belong to and celebrate Satan. We are truly living in the end times.

    Repent and prepare. I believe these Luciferian lizards will start WW3 to postpone the elections. They will do anything to prevent PDJTs election.

  3. King Charles deserves this monstrosity of a portrait for his supportof DEI. It’s what you get when mentally ill, demoniac “creatives” are given celebrity status – bat crap crazy artwork. That portrait should be put in a dark basement or burned to ashes.

  4. Reminds me of a scene in The Black Hole from 1979 from Disney.

    Reinhart is the loony captain of the USS Cygnus that went into a black hole. Here is an explanation of what happens in this clip: Max (the robot) and Reinhart crash the Cygnus into the Black Hole and are torn to atoms, but their consciousness merge (Max’s mind was an imprint of Reinharts) and they are trapped forever in a pocket dimension haunted and tormented by the memories of the crew they killed.

    The scene I remembered when seeing King Chuck’s portrait is at 1:10 through 1:40:

  5. A King with no Kingdom, overseeing the invasion of muslims overtaking what’s left of the inbred family dynasty and Christianity.
    In a few more generations England will shed the less than Royal Family and replace them by a muslim Ruler who will reside in Buckingham Palace which will be renamed as the Palace of Dreams and Tears.


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