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Kramer Reveals He is a Product of Rape

Michael Richards has a memoir coming out which reveals he found out early in life, after being told his father was killed in the military, that his mother was raped.

He says it caused him to feel unwanted in every walk of his life.

His mother wanted to abort him, but it was illegal.

I wonder how he feels about abortion. Why drop all that drama on everyone and stay mum about that?

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  1. Why is it that a lot of comedians harbor a lot of dark thoughts. Not all, but some. Probably to use it as a mask, but if your going to talk about the abortion subject, it’s only fair to bring up both sides, especially the side that allowed you to LIVE and talk about it! The other side can’t! He should thank his lucky stars that he wasn’t aborted and went on to live a productive life with the notoriety that most people don’t achieve! Sorry Michael. I don’t feel sorry for you. Everybody has their ghosts and skeletons.

  2. @Harry — If Richards was raised by a mother who told him at an early age (and, I imagine, kept on reminding him) that his father was a rapist and she wanted to kill him before he was born, then I DO feel sorry for him. That he’s done well on his own helps, but that kind of mentally cruel and abusive childhood has to have left scars not of his own making.

  3. I’ve noticed that everyone who’s for abortion has already been born.
    – Ronald Reagan
    I think it’s quite simple. If your mother had aborted you at ANY point during her pregnancy, you wouldn’t be here. That tells me when life begins.
    -Arpiem (past IOTWreport contributor)

  4. I did the 23andMe thing. I’ve always known I was adopted and found my birthfamilies 21 years ago for medical information for my daughter. Family on my birthfathers side kept mum about his past for my benefit. With the 23andMe we finally found out more. Not all of it because the results are only the people who registered on the site but what has been revealed is pretty damning. They used to think he had only one daughter. We are at 4 daughters and 2 sons so far, all by different women, all of them very young. My birthfather has gone no-contact with his entire family (he is one of 6 children) except his one legitimate daughter. Oh, and the family is also finally willing to talk about why Uncle George went to federal prison. He was a convicted rapist. Luckily my birthfather was just a persistent Johnny Appleseed. Or at least no one has made any accusations 50 years later.


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