L.A. Times: Dianne Feinstein Leans Toward Voting for Trump Acquittal in Impeachment Trial

True or not, I don’t think she wants any of the Bidens on the witness stand.

Veteran Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) said that she could vote for President Donald Trump’s acquittal in the Senate impeachment trial, after White House lawyers concluded opening arguments Tuesday.

The Los Angeles Times reported that Feinstein was still undecided, but leaning toward acquittal: – Story at Breitbart.

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  1. I think she is joining Lindsey Graham in the “let’s wrap this up and call it a day” club. Also known as the “less said the better” group.

  2. So the rats want off the sinking ship. They know damn well Shiff for brains would get his ass handed to him if he got called as a witness. Then Slo’ Joe and his Coke Fiend Son, would plead the 5th, and the proverbial shiff would hit the fan.

  3. There are a few senators missing in action on the campaign trail who might not be too anxious to see a long trial.
    Will self interest rule the day?

  4. I want to see some REAL consequences for this monumental waste of taxpayer money, the colossal effort to frame/fraud a duly elected president, and cover up of the REAL criminals.

  5. Mitt had better not come up with some Flakey shit about a couple of really decent people in the elevator who were crying and pleading for Bolton’s testimony, and he just couldn’t let them—and his principles—down.

  6. Maybe the whole impeachment deal is not really designed to get rid of Trump. Rather, its a way for the Dumbs to try to unite their party, get the millennials on board with the old guard like Pelosi, and get the younger ones to leave the worst of socialism behind, while accepting the Older Dumbs slightly less threatening version. They could craft a party which would be more acceptable to independents, fence sitters, and conservative liberals.

  7. Their willingness to ‘go along to get along’ should NOT exempt their guilt, treachery, cheating nor overall bullshit of playing their asshole games and pretending to play nice when they suddenly see they are cornered.

    Phuck them….each and everyone of them….push them into the abyss from which they will never return.

  8. Feinstein does not want her husbands criminal
    activities being investigated

    She’s the same as Joe Biden
    her husband trading off his influence
    to ingratiate them both

    Well documented
    just not yet public

  9. At some point, the whole Bolton “manuscript” may be revealed as made up or completely embellished and intentionally misrepresented mindreading bullshit to get weak Republican squishes to say yay for witnesses.

    They have nothing unless Republicans give it to them.

    I refer again to the final scene from Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry. He’s in the clear and Senate Republicans can only hurt themselves.

    If Bolton wanted to dump on Trump, is there a news broadcast that wouldn’t give him a 6pm interview with their lead anchor and hyping it to the hilt? And yet, it hasn’t happened.

    This is just Kavanaugh redux. Begging to put more time on the clock for the next pot of spaghetti to throw at the wall.

  10. We’re stuck with Feinstein. China already has too many people. Russian Oligarchs don’t trust other thieves. Very few California politician are good enough to get into heaven. Satan has enough trouble and millions of pro choice democrats are already headed his way. So we’re stuck with Feinstein.


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