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L.L. Bean Targeted For Board Member Contribution to Trump

The iconic Maine outdoor gear retailer L.L. Bean has been singled out by cry bully boycott site “Grab Your Wallet.” The boycott was called because Linda Bean, a granddaughter of the founder, and her sister Diana Bean donated more money to the Make America Great Again Super PAC than is allowed under Maine law.


Shannon Coulter, co-founder of the lefty boycott site has offered an end if Linda Bean steps down from the board of directors.

Linda Bean appeared on Fox and Friends this morning to fight back against the targeting of the entire store for the errors of a pair of sisters.

I’m really looking forward to the next L.L. Bean catalog in the mail.

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  1. Dear Reader called for us to defend our democracy. But you can’t participate if you disagree with him and his zombies

  2. Me, too! I just signed up with a new account and spent $100 on some things I had been wanting. Late Christmas presents to myself! Thanks for the heads up, “GrabyerWallet”! I almost forgot that BUYcotts work, too!

  3. LL Bean has a 25% off purchases over $100 deal going on at the moment!

    Also: LOVED Trump’s response tweet!

  4. With Trump almost in office maybe it’s time for companies that have these leftwing “boycotts” laid on them to start treating them as a badge of honor. Acknowledge the boycott on their website and in there stores, make fun of them and their leaders as well as wishing customers that wish to take part in it happy shopping elsewhere but they’d be welcome back at any time. It strikes me that LL Bean could make a big splash with this, increase their sales and cut these lefties down to size.

  5. I used to take a motorcycle ride to ll bean once a year, with my friends. About 6 to 12 bikes. We would have them send the order later. This was a long time ago.
    If you have never been it is a trip.

  6. 6 new tee shirts, with pockets, just ordered. I’ll be spending more with LL. Bean in the future. Boycotts and Buycotts work both ways.

  7. Dear Shannan Coulter,
    We have removed your name from our customer lists as requested. You will not be missed.
    LL Bean

  8. On the other hand, if I ran LL Bean, I’d be sending a really nice sweater to this low-rated internet web-site twerp, thanking here for the increase in business.

  9. I just KNEW there was an underlying reason why I keep buying LL Beans stuff.

    Here’s just a partial list of the items I’ve bought from them since 1982.
    wool blanket, famous gum rubber hunting shoes (the really high ones), flannel-lined jeans, canvas shirts (at least 6), 4 fleece-lined shirts (I call it my office snuggie – it’s cold as fuck in here), 3 flannel-lined canvas shirts (I left one of them on a client’s boat whilst fishing and the cheap rat bastard denies it to this day. fucker.), breton red shorts back when I sailed and I had my nose stuck up in the air like Thurston Howell 3rd)

  10. Oh golly now where are the bearded skinny jean wearing fake mountain men weirdo hipsters going to get their flannel shirts to pose in?

    LL Bean will survive the aerobic whiners and help MAGA.

  11. LL Bean has a life time guarantee. Buy sometime once and when it wears out take it back and get a new thing. Best friend hasn’t bought jeans in YEARS. Besides being from Maine I love sending my money back there as often as I can.

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