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Lab Meat Coming To Supermarkets

Calm down Fido. It’s not what you think.


If this Silicon Valley food-tech startup has its way, its lab-grown meat—which includes chicken, duck and beef—will be on a supermarket shelf near you within the next five years.

“We’re trying to put products on the shelves by 2021/2022,” Uma Valeti, Memphis Meats co-founder and CEO, tells FOX Business.

In March, the company announced that it created the “world’s first chicken strip from animal cells,” following their animal-free meatball debut in 2016.

“Essentially, we are taking a number of animal cells, giving them clean and nutritious food and then we watch them grow into a muscle. We harvest that muscle and then cook it,” Valeti says.

The whole process from start to finish takes about four to six weeks, depending on the texture. Valeti says the company’s current main goal is to raise capital and lower their production costs, in order to quickly bring the product to market.

Production costs currently run about $6,000 per pound of meat, which is drastically down from a year ago, when it was $18,000 per pound. However, Valeti says a lot of work still needs to be done to meet traditional store-bought meat production costs at about $4 or less.


This is the test.

If the price is exactly the same as farm raised meat, will the lefties buy it?

I highly doubt it. They are merely virtue-signalers who live hypocritical lives. They are nothing but big mouth complainers who sacrifice nothing while asking others to do so.

I would love to see lab meat served at the white house correspondence dinner.

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  1. When it hits the stores, I predict two things:
    a) It will be the most completely analyzed food ever, and
    b) It will have stuff in it I won’t want to eat.

    If they can make it cheap and plain and simple, though, I’d definitely give it a nibble.

  2. Don’t think it will have nearly the same taste and chew. Without movement, don’t think it will have near the level of collagen production or structure.

  3. If people want to eat meat grown in a laboratory, that’s fine with me.

    Just none of this bullshit about not needing to label it as such, or hide the fact in fine print. You know, to make it “competitive.”

    Come out and call it what it is, fake meat!

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  5. Fake News. They are not creating something.
    Only cloning.
    Their starter culture was alive.
    In order to sustain life, it must have been alive.
    Law of Nature. Nothing made of man made materials will sustain man.

  6. @reboot May 2, 2017 at 1:32 am

    > $1,500 for a 1/4 pounder? What’s wrong with that?

    You expect me to hand it to you for only $15 dollars an hour! You capatalist pigdog!

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