Ladies of “The View” Cluck About Censorship If Republicans Take Congress


Joy Behar told her co-hosts Tuesday on ABC’s “The View” that if the Republicans got into power, they would start “censoring journalists.”

Whoopi Goldberg said, “This is part of the big plan to control what happens in America, I believe, what happens in America. if you take those voting rights away, people are going to be so angry, but there will be nothing they can do about it because we’re in charge. Next thing comes the women. We’re going to take your rights away just like we have taken X, Y, and Z because there will be nothing you can do. This country seemingly, or many people in it, seemingly want to be manipulated.” More

22 Comments on Ladies of “The View” Cluck About Censorship If Republicans Take Congress

  1. They’re mistaking ‘censorship’ for getting slapped upside the head – which they know they deserve.

  2. Yep, remember when Trump was in office and left-wing activists posing as journalists were rightfully called out by a strong commander in chief on their fake news hit pieces? That’s censorship to leftists.

  3. That’s why the Bolsheviks cluck about the Republicans. The loyal opposition. “Oh noes! The people we share ‘investments’ with, the people whose job is to keep the throne cushions warm while we’re out of the lime light ‘listening to the people’, the people whose job is to be sure ‘no backsies’ on the great ‘progress’ we’ve made… Don’t vote for that evil briar patch!”

    I’m waiting to support the liars that promise us boxcars and ‘re-education’ camps. I know the money will be stolen for something else. But the dream of — a few, even just a few — Bolshevik backsies will be worth it.

  4. “Is there really that much moronium in the universe?”

    Never underestimate the power of moronium in large groups of people.

    One of elements in endless supply.

  5. They luxuriate in a lunatic ‘temple of democracy’ until the people vote against them.

    Yup, they can get even uglier.


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