Ladies: “Would you rather be stuck in the woods with a man or a bear?” – IOTW Report

Ladies: “Would you rather be stuck in the woods with a man or a bear?”

That is the question making the round among the social media watchers the last few days. The query gained a lot of attention after being posted to TikTok and X with many females answering “bear.” More

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  1. If any of the ladies opting to spend time in the woods with a bear instead of a man i can accommodate that choice.
    Got a place i can guarantee bear activity.
    Only problem being you won’t be alive to tell about it.

  2. Just wondering if the man or the bear have any say in the matter? Those are some pretty hard to look at womenz that I’d venture to guess have never been groped.

  3. Now ask that same question to men ,”Stuck in the woods with a bear or a woman”, the ratio choosing bear would be even higher; the bear you can at least eat and if you did make it out to civilization you would not be charged with murder after getting fed up with the woman constantly complaining about your survival skills.

  4. The question is load just by using the word “stuck.” This could also have regional bias. Bears in my part of the world are hunted; using dogs, with tracking collars. The bears I’ve come across unexpectedly have turn tail and run faster than I have. The exception being if they are raiding garbage cans, dumpsters or camp sites. Then all bets are off.

    I imagine in other parts of the world, bears are going to view a human in the woods as more a prey opportunity than a threat. Probably depends on the bear species as well.

    Anyway, the question is vague and loaded to push women to answer a particular way.

  5. Satan is right about that. Misandry is a much greater problem than misogyny. The radical feminist movement has done more to destroy society than anything else. Screw you, Satan!

  6. “What I’ve heard about bears, they don’t always attack you right so maybe a bear?”
    It seems like they all are assuming a man in the woods always has bad intentions.
    I go to the woods for peace and quiet or to enjoy hunting or fishing – not for sexual pleasure. I have met women in the woods while hunting and they almost always have guns.

  7. Ironically, I bet a majority of guys would say “bear”, too. At least bears don’t fly into psychotic rages when you accidentally drop the name of a former girlfriend.

  8. I’ve done a lot of tent camping in what would be considered bear country and if there were any ladies on their period I slept with one eye and one ear open. It’s a hell of an adrenaline rush to have a bear come through camp. Those damn bears can smell things out. If those dumb wimmin ever had had bear come through camp at 2 in the morning they would pray for a man with a gun!

  9. From the other side, bears don’t get multimillion dollar awards for vague accusations of rape with no proof 35 years after the alleged incident from liberal “judges” either.

  10. 2 sayings, no time like the present & better late than never. But butt I only went to Epstein’s/Pedo island for the view. 3rd saying,once a pedo always a pedo.

  11. The TikTok generation of women are getting conditioned by this updated Feminazi dogma.
    Bears are no threat to women, but ALL men are a threat to women. That’s the lie being propagated in this nonsense scenario. Anything to cause division between mem and women.


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