Land of Lincoln: The third-world casa on the prairie

American Thinker: 

In a recent blog post here at American Thinker, Thomas Lifson chronicles the tale of Harvey, Illinois, a failing community where government officials have stolen everything not nailed down.  Now, having exhausted all sources of revenue, the municipality is facing insolvency.

Well, why wouldn’t the people in charge of Harvey take liberties with the public treasury?  The state legislature just broke the Illinois bank in a recent spending bill, setting the example for these minor potentates.

Apparently, the state legislature imbibed a bit too much eggnog over the holidays, passing over 200 new laws to drive away businesses, steal the residents’ money, and yoke as many yokels as possible.

Here are some of the lowlights:

– A law forcing hairstylists, dry cleaners, and other businesses to post standard pricing for males or females.  A man’s haircut can no longer be cheaper than a woman’s styling, nor can her dresses be more costly to clean.

– H.B. 1785 lets someone change the sex listed on his birth certificate without even having his genitalia mutilated to look like the opposite sex’s.

– A new law forces car-dealers to remove stickers from cars before they are driven away – even before a test drive.

– One law opens the door for 16- and 17-year-olds to sign up to be organ- and tissue-donors when they apply for a driver’s license or identification card.

– Obama’s birthday is now an official state holiday.

– Phone services will have to foot the bill for women who are abused and need to change their phone numbers and whatnot.

– Judges will now be forced to waste time in divorce cases deciding custody of pets.

– A new law protects elephants from abuse in circuses, and any African or Asian elephants from circuses operating in Illinois.

– A guarantee that customers can post on Yelp.  – Keep reading

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  1. Car dealers have to remove all stickers before a test drive? Including the one required by federal law that have to be in place until a new car is sold?

  2. Before escaping Illinois, I lived 352 miles south of Chicago, yet there were no places in the state that were not affected by the corruption of Chicago or their heavy handed style politics.
    Chicago democrat corruption has destroyed a once great state.

  3. hey Cato, I’m 300 miles south of Chicago and you are 100% correct. The stench of Chicago can be felt all the way down here. I always say there are more stupid people living in Chicago than there are regular folks in the rest of the state…especially when you count the dead that still vote every two years.

  4. it was such a nice city, and look at what they’ve done to it with their stupid, progressive, utopian policies.

  5. Jesus H Christ, no wonder the Mississippi River is brown. It’s from all the shit flowin’ down from Illinois!

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