Laura Loomer asks Hillary Clinton …

Journalist Laura Loomer Asks Hillary Clinton
About Her Emails And Huma … SEE THE VIDEO HERE

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5 Comments on Laura Loomer asks Hillary Clinton …

  1. Isn’t she that attention wh*re desperate for
    EVEN MORE than the 15 minutes she already overspent?
    I feel really sorry for Ezra Levant (The Rebel).

  2. I support any and all people throwing s**t Hill’s way.

    Death by a thousand cuts works for me if you can’t throw a whole bucket of witch-melting water on her.

  3. OMG, this was laugh-out-loud funny.

    First she gets manhandled away after she confronts Clinton, then she pretends to wander around for a sec but then it’s “Huma! SO great to see you!” and the two male Clinton thugs block her and kick her out.

    The evil Left needs to be confronted at every instant, every where.


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