Laurence Fox Tells Tucker Carlson He’s ‘Grateful’ He Hasn’t Been Epsteined over ‘My Son Hunter’ – IOTW Report

Laurence Fox Tells Tucker Carlson He’s ‘Grateful’ He Hasn’t Been Epsteined over ‘My Son Hunter’


Actor Laurence Fox appeared Wednesday on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight during which he spoke about his starring role in My Son Hunter, the new movie from Breitbart News that dramatizes the debauched personal life and shady business dealings of Hunter Biden.

Laurence Fox began by joking that he is glad to still be alive to talk about the movie, the implication being that he hasn’t been killed for taking sides against powerful Democrats.

“I’m grateful for the fact that I haven’t mysteriously fallen from a sixth floor balcony or accidentally hung myself in the last day,” he said.

“You haven’t been ‘Epsteined,’” Carlson replied.

“I haven’t been Jeffrey-ed. No,” Fox said.

The British actor explained what he discovered playing Hunter Biden. “I learned that Hunter is a man that wants to please his father. But ultimately it would be funny if it wasn’t that this family basically seemed to have sold the entire of America’s future to the Chinese, on the sly.”

Carlson asked if My Son Hunter dramatizes certain Hunter Biden laptop messages claiming that the prodigal son balanced M&M’s on his erect penis.

“I cannot confirm nor deny if I had stage fright that day, Tucker,” Fox replied. more here

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  1. After considerable thought about just what sort of comment would be suitable for an article saying that Hunter Biden balanced M&Ms on his erect penis, I concluded this comment meets the requirement. Barely.

  2. …it’s not M&Ms, but as for balancing…

    …one day, a new intern was doing rounds with an experienced psychiatrist at the local asylum. The senior brain peeper encouaged her to ask the patients questions about how they saw the world to learn about their problems.

    At the first room was a patient moving about his room with arms outstretched to either side. Intrigued, she asked him, “What is it you’re doing there?”.
    He replied without stopping, “I’m training to be a pilot when I get out of here”.

    They moved on to the next room, where the patient was sitting on a chair in line with other chairs behind him, hands held to either side on an imaginary steering wheel, making “Vroom vroom” sounds. With a nod from the senior, the intern asked again what this man was doing. “I’m leaning to drive a bus for when I get out of here”.

    On to the third one, she looked through the window at a man lying on his back holding his erect penis straight up, with cashews balanced on the tip of his glans. After a nudge from the elder, she knocked so as not to startle him and went in and asked what HE was doing.

    Squeezing himself carefully so the cashews did not fall off, he said “I’m fucking nuts. I’m never getting out of here”.


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