Lawbreaking FBI Served Subpoena by Representative Chaffetz

Representative Jason Chaffetz confronts an FBI lackey with incredulousness, asking him where the FBI gets its balls big enough to withhold evidence from congress. He serves him a subpoena on the spot.

This video is great.

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  1. So far so good. I pray he is not taking instructions from Gowdy/Issa. Until I see a great deal of follow though I’ll remain skeptical.

  2. I wish I was an Oscar Meyer wiener.
    That is what I’d really like to be, ee ee
    For if I were an Oscar Meyer Wiener
    Everyone would be in love with me, ee, ee.
    Good luck Mr. Chaffetz. They’ll take the fifth.

  3. That’s fine. I think it would have been a lot more effective if Chaffetz hadn’t condescended to him and just kept his voice flat. We don’t need to keep confusing showmanship with results.

  4. Impressive. Now what happens if the FBI ignores the subpoena? Who enforces the law here? I mean this question seriously, because I don’t know. Who can make the FBI do anything when they don’t want to?

  5. Good stuff. FBI is shit. I used to have great respect for them. 0bama changed that.

    Herring is a bullshit expert, and a lousy one at that.

  6. … wonder when rep. Chaffetz receives his $600,000 lakefront house … right next to Bernie’s, Raphael’s & Trey’s?

    jaded? …. not too much ….

  7. when i was 14 i became an eagle scout and immediately took a bus to the federal building in westwood ca to apply for a job as an fbi agent

    they were nice to me, gave me an interview before they rejected me for being underage

    now i realize that i was overqualified

    have lost all respect for government

  8. The Sergeant at Arms should be issued a flame thrower so when these asshats stonewall he can burn their asses down. After a couple of those these hearing will start producing results.

  9. This could go up to the SCOTUS. A federal judge will first decide to let the FBI play favorites with Justice and ignore Congress, or not. Should a federal judge be smart enough to look to the ramifications of this illegal position on the part of DOJ, Lynch, Comey, and the FBI, and future of the rule of law, the judge may decide this has gone on long enough and force them to comply or go to prison. Same for the Supremes, on appeal. There comes a time when the players change in DOJ, White House, and FBI, and the shoe may be on the other foot. The judges know this and that is the rationale behind blind justice.

  10. Obama’s henchmen have ignored several subpoenas.

    Eric Holder resigned, standing in contempt of congress!

    Obama gathered Holder and his Fast and Furious debacle under Executive Privelege umbrella, ILLEGALLY! Where is congress?

    Obama has made a hobby of breaking the back of the Constitution and America. Where was congress?

    President Obama has almost all of his Departments working without OVERSIGHT, and gads, surprise, surprise, we are finding out about misappropriated powers, money and ethics in ALL of them. Where was congress?

    Good job, Chavetz, but so many times, we’ve seen the congressional Calvary ride to the charge, only to soon see them smoking hemp with the CIC and his thugs.

    We’re tired of cheering at the hopeful strains of, possible, just maybe, do you think, this time, some of the STENCH called Washington DC will be eradicated. Time, I think to flush the sewage and floaters and begin again.

    Time for voters to limit terms, so the ‘representatives’ don’t have time to grift money from the taxpayers.

    Time that congress be made to follow/be subject to, EVERY law, every regulation, every decision, that they deem good for their constituents.

    Time TO MAKE congress ASK, by vote, when and how much their pay and perks will be. Voting on congressional pay and perks should be held within the same year a candidate BEGS AND LIES for the voters’ support!

    Time to stop the ‘super pacs’, which only hide the huge contributors from the PUBLIC!

    Also, have you endorsed Trump?

  11. Once again we see that laws mean nothing without enforcement.
    Same with hearings. Hearings mean nothing without enforcement and incarceration.
    You can throw words around all day, but at the end of the day when they pat themselves on the back and go out for drinks with each other, it is the republic that is ultimately not served.

  12. Maybe it was unprofessional for Chaffee to smirk as he issued the subpoena, but I hugely enjoyed watching him make Herring squirm. Trey Gowdy would have shown righteous indignation, but it wouldn’t have been as much fun.

    I’m just sorry the camera didn’t cut to a reaction shot of Herring as Chaffee issued the subpoena.

  13. Someone please remind Chaffetz he was elected to represent those citizens who voted for him. Those citizens wanted Obama impeached. Those citizens wanted Hillary and many others charged with treason. Those citizens were entitled to a budget. Those citizens elected you to
    oppose every unconstitutional act of Obama, which are too numerous to list here, etc., etc., etc.
    I don’t believe a single word that comes out of the mouth of any congressman or senator with
    the exception of a very few.

  14. The DNC, FBI, NSA, DIA, CIA, Senate, House, Executive, SCROTUS – have NO respect for the law – NONE. The “law” only applies to the non-government, non-oligarch, non-Wall Street, non-State House denizens of lower America. The alien-invading rat-people get a pass, the ghetto-rats get a pass, and the rats of the Media get a pass.

    Laws are only applicable to the law-abiding.

    izlamo delenda est …

  15. WHOA! They need to get this FBI assklown to testify more often. Every time he LIES he turns beet-red. Look at him at the 3:11 and 4:00 hashmarks.


    Bet this corrupt, lying, Constitutional Oath-breaking BUREAUCRAT DRONE hits the bottle real hard tonight. Real hard.

    Get Comey back up there and tear him a new asshole too.

    @AbigailAdams – sorry, have to disagree. When Gummint bureaucrats violate the law so badly as Herring did, they need to be mocked and lectured to like the misbehaving delinquent children they are. A lot of folks look at these YouTube clips and forward them to other friends. Eventually, the info dribbles down to even the LoFo’s and they tell all their friends at the hair salon, the bar and the trailer park.

    TRUMP 2016

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