Lazy or Laborious?

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1 Little Sis (Wiskers)
2 The Rat Fink (Tahoe duck hunting)
4 The Rat Fink (A boy and his dog at the lake – or maybe Sherman and Mr. Peabody…)
6 Tim
7 Eugenia
10 riverlife_callie (MacDuff)
11 Tim
12 The Rat Fink (Molly and Brandy working the birds)
13 Dee

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13 Comments on Lazy or Laborious?

  1. Lazy. Contemplative. Thoughtful. I sometimes wonder how my dog gets anything accomplished, since he sleeps around sixteen hours a day!

  2. It just isn’t Sunday morning until I see your wonderful critter arrays, Claudia! Thanks, thanks, thanks!

    @The Rat Fink – what a handsome dog (Tahoe duck hunting)

  3. MacDuff’s sister, Lily Blanca (on the right) is a champion sleeper as well. She prefers to be alone. Mac prefers my shoulder.

  4. Jethro – Am I related to dogs? Well let’s just say I consider them family.
    And yes he is a Labradoodle and an excellent retriever who loves the water!

  5. @The Rat Fink
    I agree – If you spend enough time with them they eventually adopt you.
    Please keep me posted on your hunting activities this year.


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