Lead Detective in Daniel Perry Case: Soros-Funded DA Removed 100 Pages of Evidence from Jury – IOTW Report

Lead Detective in Daniel Perry Case: Soros-Funded DA Removed 100 Pages of Evidence from Jury


A Texas soldier was found guilty of murder on Friday after Soros-backed District Attorney Jose Garza sought murder charges for an act of self defense during the 2020 George Floyd riots.

Sgt. Daniel Perry, an army soldier who shot and killed an armed BLM-Antifa protester in Austin in July 2020 was indicted on a murder charge in 2021.

Perry’s lawyer, Clint Broden, argued his client, who was driving Uber when rioters mobbed his car, was acting in self-defense after the BLM activist, Garrett Foster pointed a gun at him.

A Travis County jury found Daniel Perry guilty of murder.

A video from that night shows that the victim aimed an AK-47 at Perry before he was shot dead.

This weekend the lead detective in the case, David Fugitt, filed an affidavit following the shocking verdict in the case. MORE

13 Comments on Lead Detective in Daniel Perry Case: Soros-Funded DA Removed 100 Pages of Evidence from Jury

  1. “…an armed BLM-Antifa protester…”

    …stop calling them “protesters”.

    They are terrorists and nothing more.

    In fact, considering the fact that they are armed and in disguise while actively attacking civilians, you could classify them as Unlawful Combatants.

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    Unlawful combatants
    The term “unlawful combatant” is used to refer to an individual who belongs to an armed group, in a context where either the individual or the group do not fulfil the conditions for combatant status. The term was employed by the administration of President George W. Bush of the United States in its ‘global war on terror’ to describe persons who are, in its view, neither combatants nor civilians but belong to a third category of persons who can be attacked at any time and can be detained indefinitely without trial.”


    …so it seems to me if an unlawful combatant engages a member of the United States Armed Forces with a weapon, it is not only the right but the DUTY of said Armed Forces Member to end the threat to the citizens of the United States and its military in the person of himself with as much dispatch as possible.

    Sgt. Daniel Perry had done his duty that day.

    Anyone who says otherwise is guilty of giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

  2. Although the DA clearly broke the law and should go to jail, just like Mike Nifong (Duke lacrosse case), the simple fact that the jury had video evidence of Perry legally defending himself and they still found him guilty reaffirms what I’ve been saying for years, our jury system is irrevocably flawed and is ineffective in providing anything resembling justice.

    This trial should have lasted 5 minutes, just long enough to show the just the video, case dismissed.

    And that detective strikes me as a bit of a weenie. The DA is not his boss, to go along with the redacting, the killing of exculpatory evidence makes him a co-conspirator. Yes, I’m glad he is doing the right thing now in exposing the injustice, but insufficient for me, he betrayed his oath as a police officer.

  3. So then the DA committed a crime by withholding evidence that would have proven the defendant’s innocence? He should be charged, prosecuted, and convicted, if true? Be disbarred and never be allowed to work in an official capacity ever again? Just kidding — none of that is gonna happen, and we all know it.

  4. @JDHasty

    Although this is an extreme example, the practice is so common it would shock the average citizen.

    They hold an elected office and as such they are beholden to public sentiment, and more often than not to the caprices of an angry mob. Even removing the political career opportunists like Alvin Bragg, if the voters are screaming for a scalp, like in a predominantly black community where a white cop shot someone black, even if completely justified, he will go after that cop like his job depended on it because it does.

    The system is flawed in so many ways and antithetical to any concept of true justice.

  5. When the “law” becomes a cudgel in the hands of rogue prosecutors, and they suffer no consequences, the Republic is dead.

    If we cannot stop this, clearly identified malfeasance, what can we stop?

    If the State of Texas is unwilling to punish this malefactor, the People of Texas should take it upon themselves – the State is, undeniably, in collusion.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …


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