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Poll Reveals Less than Half Say Next Vehicle Is Electric


Do you have doubts about the wildly touted benefits of trading in your gas powered car for a replacement electric vehicle (EV)? You are far from alone. Plenty of Americans aren’t yet sold on going electric for their next cars, a poll released Tuesday shows.

High prices and too few charging stations are the main deterrents.

About four in 10 U.S. adults are at least somewhat likely to switch, but the making the historic shift from the country’s century-plus love affair with gas-driven vehicles still has a long road ahead, AP reports.

The poll by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research and the Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago shows the Biden administration’s plans to dramatically raise U.S. EV sales could run into resistance from consumers.

Only eight percent of U.S. adults say they or someone in their household owns or leases an electric vehicle, and just eight percent say their household has a plug-in hybrid vehicle. MORE

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  1. When they make a truck that can pull a 14,000 pound 40 foot toy hauler 300 miles or more that charges in the time it takes to hit the bathroom and get some coffee, I’ll get one. Or is this all about limiting our mobility? 🤔

  2. Right now, most of the public doesn’t have a clue about the realities of EVs. All they know is the B.S. that the mainstream media has been spewing about them. I think when a few more people are exposed to reality, either through buying one themselves or the experiences of friends, EVs will become the 21st. century pet rock.

  3. Less than half is still a really large number, regardless the leftist goal of 100%.
    However, I’d bet pretty much anything that new car purchases this year aren’t anywhere near 40% EVs.

  4. Not until batteries, placement and mounting are standardized so I can pull into a ‘fueling’ station and pull up to a device that swaps out the depleted battery from my car for a fully charged one in less than 2x the time it takes to fill with petrol, and for less than 2x the cost.

  5. EVs are the vehicles of morons.
    They’re being pushed on a false narrative – the Globaloney Warming Hoax – and simply put, aren’t ready for prime time. When we develop a battery that holds a charge for 10 years, or more, we may be onto something. Nuclear batteries, for instance, that produce enough amperage to match the horsepower and drive duration of the run-of-the-mill dually. Until then, it’s ALL BULLSHIT; ALL THE TIME. And even the lying maggots raking in the $Billions and pushing this bullshit know it.

    At present, hydrocarbons are the most efficient storage of energy on the Earth.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  6. I’ve seen the results of an impromptu EV roadside bon fire.
    I’m in no hurry to go out and buy one.
    Like it has been stated before.
    The goal is to price the commoners out of the market and restrict our ability to come and go as we please.

  7. I will not willingly buy or lease an EV, the damned things are far too expensive for me to drive. I’d ride my Trek Mountain bike everywhere before I’d have an EV. My next liberal brother and his even more liberal 3rd wife bought a new Nissan Leaf here recently, good luck with that. There is nothing wrong with his Honda Element even though I think that it is a clown car. But his old lady (she is not one of my favorite or even well-liked sisters in law) does have an older Ford F 350 P/U for hauling her horse around and for yard work and such in their large garden.

  8. Forcing us to buy EVs and destroying traditional forms of electricity generation at the same time isn’t going to work. Thanks anyway democrats and the CCP. Reminded Solar scammer that if solar penciled out we’d be rushing to them instead of them bugging the hell out of us.

  9. I live on the 8th floor of a 15 story vintage building in the heart of Chicago. Our building is dwarfed by high rises much taller and larger than ours. We have no parking except for a few guests. I park in a massive garage 2 blocks away that has maybe a dozen charging stations. Even if I wanted an EV (which I definitely don’t) it would be nearly impossible to maintain. They are trying to get us all into these “15 minute cities” I gotta get out of here!

  10. I see hybrids being a much more economic and logical choice than EV’s. It’s strange to me that more auto makers don’t offer them.
    At some point, maybe when there’s actually a system in place for service, recharge, and new batteries don’t cost more than the car is worth when you need to replace them, EV’s won’t be a sucker bet.
    Right now they are; I don’t care what Elon says.

  11. Gotta hope for a near-Carrington event in the middle of winter with a partial grid meltdown and tens of thousands of EV drivers stranded (and frozen to death in -20F) to cure people of the notion the current EV technology is nothing but S.T.U.P.I.D.


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