Leader of the world?

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  1. Funny how Obama wasted no time in jumping in front of a microphone to spew his gun control nonsense about the shooting in Oregon within a few hours of it happening, but he has been strangely silent on Putin’s actions in Syria, I don’t think that throughout our history, America has ever been as weak as it is now under the current regime.

  2. Putin didn’t steal Obola’s lunch money.

    Obola gave it to him.

    Obola’s a traitor. He nuclearized Iran. Betrayed America. Betrayed Israel. Destroyed our Economy. Emboldened our Enemies. Murdered our Ambassador. Plundered our Treasury. Aided and Abetted ISIS and the moslem brotherhood. Fomented rebellion and murder among the negroes. Refused a Budget, required by the Constitution, for 6 years. Illegally flooded our country with rapist, murderers, and drug dealers.

    We need be done with him.

  3. @ Madjack
    Chamberlain changed his tune after the party got started in his own country and was then part of the war effort.
    It was the short 40 miles of water that kept the English people united, being told invasion was imminent, oddly enough it was that short 40 miles of water that the Germans could never conquer without being destroyed. Churchill knew this early on, but never let it out of the bag until after the war.
    Most people in the states wanted nothing to do with the war.
    Until we are hit hard I don’t expect people to wake up.

  4. I don’t think we have a Winston Churchill in this country that could fix things and if we did he would be run out of town on rails.
    I think this election is not about who will fix things but who will oversee the crash and collapse and where we would go from there.

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