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Leading Hillary – Bumped With Reader Submitted Updates

Unruly Refugee has come up with a meme.

He sent me the one where Hillary’s being helped into prison.

I did the gallows and the one leading her into the ocean.

Feel free to come up with an idea based on the iconic image of a struggling Hillary being helped and maybe we can put it together.

hillaryprison1w hillled VQR sea









The following were put together by Unruly Refugee. These are Reader Submitted Suggestions.

Thank you Unruly.

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(credit says SineWaveII)

I’m joining in on the fun with the following — bfh


(credit: all too much / jethro)


The next one is a modification on a Jerry Manderin idea


(too far?)

106 Comments on Leading Hillary – Bumped With Reader Submitted Updates

  1. Let us lead her off a short pier first, then after drowning, haul her carcass back up, hang it, then after the neck snap, put her on the rack and quarter her carcass. Hang her head on the fence at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, where she always wanted to return as head bitch. Mission complete.

  2. Leading into Gitmo with ball and chain
    Dragging in front of firing squad
    Throwing into gitmo pit with terrorist detainess cringing
    In stocks on a float going down 5th avenue with a rope dangling overhead
    Tarred and feathered with airdrop over Benghazi with no chute

  3. Leading her into an alligator pit.

    Pitch her into a swarm of killer bees.

    An old fashioned witch ducking stool.

    A room filled with victims of Bill’s sexual assaults.

  4. It’s been a long time since I read the Raj Quartet (Paul Scott) and these are now illegal in Iran and India. The old ones still exist in Iran and outside Mumba but aren’t in use. Sometime illegal ones are still discovered.

    Lead her to a Tower of Silence and stake her out for the buzzards to eat after she dies from exposure, dehydration, starvation.

    Graphic images at the end. Just so you know.

  5. There are plenty of illegal pit bull fighting rings in parts of Ohio. Rub her down in bloody raw meat and pitch her to a couple dozen starving fighting dogs.

  6. @willysgoatgruff:

    Or, even better, as a passenger on United Flight #175 on the morning of September 11, 2001.

    That was the flight that so crippled the south tower of the World Trade Center that all 102 floors came crashing down exactly one hour later.

    A present from Huma’s relatives, you stupid bitch!

  7. That meme looks like how she was probably escorted out of lesbian bars back in the day. Bars she used to sneak into before the coughing fits.

  8. Draw and quartering, with horses waiting to pull in all directions. Then head upon a pike on the White House fence.

  9. sig94. Sorry! I scrolled down too fast. I just saw your ROTJ idea. You beat me to the Sarlaac pit. Wait. Is that a good thing? 😜

  10. The morning after Trump’s landslide victory…
    Hillary alone in her apartment…Huma’s left…Bill’s long gone.
    Chelsea hightailed it.
    Nobody…not even her formerly sycophantic media, are even returning her calls.
    Her whole life has been dedicated to becoming president, and it didn’t happen.
    THAT would be a fitting punishment.

  11. There are simply too many good ones to care which was best. About 3/4 way down the screen my wife said behind me, “That’s a wicked laugh.” Yep.

  12. There’s something about the term “Leading Hillary” that sends shivers up my spine.

    I prefer to call her “Trailing Hillary”. Let’s keep the polls like that all the way until election time.


  13. This fun!

    Take her to any Pakistani town. Put a sign around her neck that reads ‘I crapped on the Koran’ and toss her to the mob.

  14. There are so many excellent ways to deal with HRC and her fa-toss. One of the most effective would be solitary confinement.

  15. Kennedy pic is not too far. It is obviously meant to draw the viewer’s attention to how far the Democrat Party has fallen since Camelot. Yeah, that’s it.

  16. OK, this one probably qualifies as cruel and unusual, but…

    Lock her up in a self-driving car and send it to East Texas, with a bumper sticker on the car that reads, “I’M THE COMMIE LESBIAN THAT OBAMA SENT TO TAKE AWAY YOUR GUNS”.

    (Estimated survival time: Depends on the local availability of rope and a suitable tree.)


  17. or to the top of an Aztec ceremonial virgin sacrificing temple. Acknowledging, of course as KatieCunt (dam, that was fun) did, Hill’s reputed non-vingin status.

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