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LEAKED: Hillary Was Sexting Weiner!

WORLD NEWS BUREAU – Sources that have seen emails on a computer belonging to Anthony Weiner confirm that many were sent from Hillary Clinton’s personal server and are “highly personal in nature.”


An exclusive leaked image (below) of one chat session is nothing less than a bombshell, and may very well derail Clinton’s presidential bid. “They were sexting each other. I threw up in my mouth a little just reading them,” said one unidentified agent involved in the investigation. More 

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  1. I think in the end, the crime will be espionage. Huma copying e-mails to accounts that others could access with her credentials and passwords on yahoo. Think Patreus.

    These people are so compromised.

  2. Would anybody be shocked if it wasnt Hillary sexting in the emails but instead its emails that relate to child porn, pedophilia, politicians with children, the muslims, Jeffrey Epstein, George Steppponopppolusss, Pedophile Island, and the Clinton Foundation ??

    Remember Denny Hastert, Bob Livingston, Barney Frank and Dicknose Wiener just to get a perspective.

    Google the Franklin Federal Credit Union Scandal in order to aloow your imagination to pursue the possibilities, speculation and actual known facts.

  3. The news people like George Steampipe, Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon, Rachel Maddow, Shepard Smith, Chris Cilizza, Bill Kristol… those kinds of people?

  4. Nobody will touch this until & unless something in stone comes out from FBI/NYPD. All of Trumps closest security guys are NYPD retired. He has been right about everything he has telegraphed along the way. They attackedmhim s crazy and a few days later he was always vindicated.

    Im not saying he said this but he did make an off the cuff remark, intentionally really tho, about Hillary not being “faithful” to Bill. We know she likes girls, but does she like little girls? Who knows. She is a psycho, nobody disputes that.

    These people are sick deviants and lawless. Money & power becomes boring when they have it all. They need soemthing taboo to make their blood flow. I know for a fact they are sick. They like secrets.

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