Left Logic: Cancelling a festivity in the spirit of inclusion because not everyone can be included

No one will enjoy the parade because not everyone can enjoy the parade.

In fact, in the spirit of inclusion, they will gouge out the eyes of students because some of them are blind.

Bainbridge Island school cancels Halloween parade for ‘inclusion’-

my northwest-

Blakely Elementary says its canceled an annual costume parade because some families don’t participate for religious or financial reasons, reports the Kitsap Sun.

“Over the past two years Blakely has been reviewing school practices around equity and inclusion in an effort to ensure our school community continues to be inviting and supportive for everyone,” an email to parents read. “Blakely will not be participating in any Halloween events this year. Students will have a normal day, which means we will not allow costumes, parades or parties.”

“We are struggling to see how canceling it for everyone is including everyone,” one parent told the Kitsap Sun.


Don’t try and employ logic with the left. They are too stupid to understand anything.

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  1. If all of the kids dressed like hobos that should be okay since Freddie Freeloaders are acceptable in Seattle.

    (My apologies to Red Skelton.)

  2. The lefties are endlessly trying to lead us down the rabbit hole of equalism, (my word), which results in identical misery for all….better known as socialism where only the elite leaders prosper.

  3. For those not familiar with Washington’s Puget Sound, Bainbridge Island is directly across the water from Seattle. Many Islander’s work in Seattle, many work at the Navy bases on the Kitsap Peninsula.

    Bainbridge Island … Seattle … self-explanatory.

  4. Only white people can be racist.

    So, all white people are racist.

    All the left can offer is septuagenarian white racist people.

    Change my mind.

  5. Does that mean they will cancel gay pride parades because some people don’t want to participate on religious or moral grounds?

  6. Lowest common denominator thinking, also known as socialism–spreading the misery every time.

    Or, to paraphrase Anchorman, “100% of the time, socialism results in misery every time.”

  7. Reminds me of the big idiotic signs at LAX: Nobody’s Well Till Everybody is Well.

    So all the diseased drugged out street denizens have to become healthy before I can seek medical attention. That’s what it’s telling me.


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