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Leftism Makes You Angry, Bitter, and Ugly

Sean Penn is aging like egg salad at the beach.

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  1. Sean is from the planet Vacuous and as such is another arrogant, self-indulgent, Liberal who believes himself so superior that there is no need to convince the stupids (us) of the obvious wonderfulness of his soul. Little people need to be compelled by laws to toe the line of magnificent Liberal beliefs. We should not be swayed by silly concepts such as facts and reality as they are an affront to the Liberal “vision” and in conflict with common sense! Vacuuaryans like Sean are people who can’t wind a watch without their housekeepers, personal trainers, nannys, masseuses, chauffeurs a macrobiotic chef, phychiatrists, phychologists, while cruising thru the revolving doors of re-hab centers, divorce courts, custody battles, civil court and criminal court, etc, yet as Vacuuaryans will do, they will gladly tell us how to live OUR lives, what to eat, what EV to drive and of course who vote for.

    Yeah, I wake up every day grateful that I don’t make millions filming one movie a year while begging buns-up kneeling for a nuther gig!
    Put a nasty Birkenstock in it Sean!

  2. The first pic looks like he doesn’t own a comb. The second pic looks like he cuts his own hair using a pair of children’s safety scissors without a mirror.

  3. Ann Barnhardt does an outstanding job of illustrating how the wicked and evil political philosophy Novus Ordo counterfeit nuns manifests on their faces. It’s fairly consistent. Rotten nasty ugly beasts deserve to be mocked and ridiculed

  4. Righty-tighties vs 3 dollar bill?
    3 dollar bill wins every time,
    hands down. Following in their head grifters footsteps it’s/they’re a no-brainer. Lie, cheat & steal, so much harder to do when big brother is watching.
    Why else would someone in their rightytighty mind want to destroy what our forefathers worked so hard for. Lying cocksuckers each & everyone of em.

  5. “Egg salad at the beach”…being a Florida native, that really hits home. And describes the Left to a tee. Smells bad, bad for you, possibly fatal, full of sand (grit), and attracts insects.

  6. Whether it makes you ugly is one thing. But being ugly inside is what attracts loons to leftism. Of course, the left knows this, and looks to make violent thugs and terrorists out of the loons.

  7. You know, Penn will always be the best Spicoli that could have ever been cast for that role. He was so convincing at playing a guy every one of us went to high school with.

    Other than that, I don’t think I’ve seen another film with Penn in it, and I sure don’t take seriously anything he would have to say about politics or government. He’s Spicoli, for cryin’ out loud!

  8. ^^^^^
    Dat true. However I think he was giving Mr. Hand major problems before the moron decided to get political. That was an awesome role, no two ways about it.

  9. Him and Mickey Rourke need to get together and have a beauty contest.


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