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Leftist Clowns Really Are Friggin’ Stupid

This shithead crows about countries that won’t let in felons, completely clueless that he’s displaying what a jerk he is –

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  1. Swalwell is one of those (fortunately) rare individuals with negating intelligence. He is so stupid that any other stupid person who gets too close to him risks becoming even stupider.

  2. We have past experiences of how the World leaders treated President Trump versus how they treated biden and Obama. He was always the big shot the other leaders clammered to be seen with. Obama and biden were often snubbed.

  3. Democrats that crow about Trump being a felon are like a neighbor who breaks into your home while you’re on vacations to steal your TV, then when you get home says “sorry to hear you home got robbed, if it makes you fell better you can watch the tonight with me game on my new TV.”

  4. ugh typos bring back the edit button
    Democrats that crow about Trump being a felon are like a neighbor who breaks into your home while you’re on vacation to steal your TV, then when you get home says “sorry to hear your home got robbed, if it makes you feel better you can watch the game tonight with me on my new TV.

  5. @Lil’ Ano: you must be talken bout his world famous NATO summit. Where he was isolated & embarrassed by his closest allies, snubbed like he was a bad case of social pariah. Ostracized right out of the summit like yesterday’s garbage. One can see why he has dislike of NATO the little boy in him ran all the way home, wee wee wee. Of course his bestest buds Lil fatboy Kimmy & Vlad always appreciate his nonsense. That be 37 countries where convicted felons can’t travel to without special permission from that country.

  6. ^^^^ The only news outlet that portrayed any Summit Meeting Trump attended like that was CNN. This clowns a spoon fed idiot. Sorry Libtard, you’re entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts.

  7. ^^^^Bullshit more-on. You funny guy comrade,Vlad loves you.
    It was all over the news, every major news media ran this story.
    Trump was sitting “all by myself, don’t wanna be, all by myself”.
    Snubbed, bigly time.

  8. ^^^^
    And typical Libtards. You have one source and never do your own due diligence. And the biggest guilty party of this mental laziness is the academic community. It makes a fool out of the left EVERY TIME.

  9. Search for it, Trump’s NATO summit. Loser. Big boy pouty face is there too. Hell I can remember it just like it was yesterday, it was so funny. Mr Fake was gaslighted big time.

  10. I don’t need to search for it, I know it exists. What’s amazing is Libtards choose to believe anything negative about Trump. THEY ARE LYING TO YOUR DUMB ASS.

  11. If Trump was indeed snubbed by those floppy dick NATO factotums, all the better. I just read that the media reported that Trump shoved his way to the podium past the NATO leader, some shmuck from a little backass country called Montenegro, hiding away somewhere in the Balkans.

    I bet to himself, Trump was saying: get outta here boy, this here is a club for grown men who understand the world, not a kid from some pipsqueak country about the size and significance of ScratchMyBalls, PA.

    TRUMP 2024 and beyond.

    ANONOANUS to be beaten up in the street by a 10 year old girl.

  12. Tim Buktu

    I know exactly what TROLL Boy is referring too. That’s the trip the Germans laughed at him when he warned them about relying on Rusky energy. Who’s laughing now. As far at Trump crawling home with his tail between his legs, didn’t happen.

  13. Brad
    the typical demon crap is
    mentally lazy
    physically lazy
    fallen from his faith
    receives some form of my taxes
    has no initiative
    has superficial relationships

    the list goes on so his opinion is meaningless

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