Leftist Memes Aren’t Just Stupid, They’re Demented

Seamus Coughlin from FreedomToons took a whack at fixing memes from the left recently. Watch

Everybody talks about how the left can’t meme and I thought I’d see for myself, after all aren’t the majority of comedy writers leftist if not outright communist?

So I found a Reddit site dedicated to LeftistMemes. To be completely honest the ones I could comprehend were stupid. The first four were understandable (but insipid) but the further back you go the less sense they make, like something only a psych ward patient would grasp that how off the rails they go. Here

4 Comments on Leftist Memes Aren’t Just Stupid, They’re Demented

  1. You have to feel sorry for them. Every time somebody on the right says something edgy and over the top, the SocMed hall monitors quash it out of existence, and the NPCs can’t find it again to pounce on it. And when they try to meme it from memory, it’s like a blurry photo of Bigfoot that everyone else squints at. We, on the other hand, can effortlessly mine the twenty year-old videos and statements of their heroes for meme gold, because they never throw anything away, and in their minds, everything is new to them each day.

    Their past does not exist to them, but it is still there for everyone else to see. They haven’t figured that out, and they never will. It saps them of irony and humor, and leaves them with nothing but inscrutable bumper stickers with print too tiny to read. And mental illness.


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