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Leftists Are Kind of Sick of Leftists

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  1. Hogan Gidley, a Trump spokesman, just nailed it.
    These supposedly brave Democrats that are asking for Biden to step aside are the ones that enabled him for the last four years.
    But now that Biden’s plummeting poll numbers are affecting their own poll numbers now Joe has got to go. Talk about self serving.

  2. Well isn’t that interesting. NewsMax was trying to cover the Trump rally in Miami tonight but all of a sudden the signal dropped.

    I wouldn’t be a conspiracy theorist but Miami isn’t a third world place. Any chance that the Trump speech was sabotaged by the agents of Biden?
    That couldn’t happen, right?

  3. PHenry

    Yea, we were watching it and poof gone. Newsmax founder and CEO is one of the Clinton Foundations largest donors. We currently watch Newsmax. Only because we don’t have easy access to OAN. The only true conservative network.

  4. Stupid ideas never stopped a “leftist.”
    Their ideas have been stupid since … well … forever.
    Maher, et al, are just trying to salvage what they can of “leftism” (which is actually nihilistic totalitarianism, the foundation of nazism/communism/socialism/izlamism/fascism/ &c.).

    Sons and daughters of Satan – they spread lies, hatred, deceit, envy, suspicion, distraction, and lies (did I write lies, by the way?) throughout the Universe.

    None of their postures (or words) can be trusted.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  5. I think it’s been alluded to here, but maybe it needs to be stated more clearly: The “Left” (in quotes because a lot of the “Left” don’t even know what “Left” means!) is discombobulated and out of sorts because all of a sudden they have to decide — in a world where they usually have simply gotten up each day to their NYT’s, CNN, MSNBC, and NPR to get their daily dose of how to think about stuff.

    Mom’s not laying out their clothes for them anymore.


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