Leftists Go Berserk After Loomer Posts This Tweet – IOTW Report

Leftists Go Berserk After Loomer Posts This Tweet

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  1. Yup! Jackass Joe is a Failed Father, a Failed president, a Failed vice president, a Failed senator and a Failed college student who barely got thru college by lying, cheating and plagiarizing the work of other’s efforts… and it only gets worse when you consider what this Fraudulent Fuckup did to his family! They are literally the bottom of a very filthy barrel!

  2. Harry
    Failed, Failed, Failed, Failed his way to the top and became a multimillionaire.
    And rewarded his family all along the way.
    Remember his brother had an island, just down the way from Epstein.
    And just because Ghislaine is in prison, doesn’t mean they have stopped raping children.

  3. Sounds like…. me

    Some of us prefer to not beat around the bush. At holiday family gatherings my brother used to say: knock off the feigned indignation, Da doesn’t say anything all of you weren’t thinking. He’s the only one who has the guts to say it.

  4. I’ve really gotten fed up with the leftist willingly not knowing things and ignoring reality. With the laptop from hell finally certified it’s time to go through it incriminating piece by piece and force them to look and recognize who they are and what they’ve put forward as their best and brightest for the last 3 decades (going back to the Clintons to Obama and now the Bidens).


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