Leftists in Illinois Looking To Charge Hefty Fees For Electric Car Drivers

When are people going to learn that the left simply wants all your money?

Thinking they were doing great things for the planet by buying expensive electric cars, virtue signalers are not getting their parade. No, in fact, they are being punished by Illinois lefty lawmakers.


Because by not driving fossil fuel vehicles they are ducking the gasoline taxes.



Illinois residents could be charged $1,000 a year to own an electric vehicle under new legislation.

“It’s outrageous,” Tesla owner Nicoletta Skarlatos, 56, told the Chicago Tribune. “I thought Illinois was progressive and would want to encourage EV (electric vehicle) ownership.”


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  1. Make tax retroactive to the day of purchase. Sorry. Gonna pull a Hillary and say “I don’t recall” details. But somewhere in the last few years California enacted a money grabbing tactic that forced citizens to pay taxes for 5 years prior to new tax law enactment. Perhaps a few victims can fill in the blanks?

  2. Lefties love to create a problem, fake a solution then tax and regulate it to the max.

    The sad part is democratic supporters are much too blind to their ways.

  3. Ha! Ha! Next, tax Prius drivers who drive under 55 in the fast lane. Plenty of money to be had there!

  4. the left simply wants demands all your their money

    When has the left declared anything not theirs?

  5. 2017 Illinois income tax was hiked 32%

    Now, by 2020:

    * Adopt progressive income tax, up to a median increase of 24%
    * Raise vehicle registration 50% for gas cars
    * Raise registration on EVs 400% more than gas cars
    * Raise gasoline tax 132%
    * Raise license registration 100%

    Not to mention increases in property tax. The list of probable tax increases by 2020 in Illinois is staggering.

    Clearly they are doing everything in their power to retain residents who are fleeing in droves. *eyeroll*

    Democrats complain about the so called wealth gap, but every single action taken in Illinois is dead set on widening that gap.

    These tax increases are coming with near 100% certainty. I’ve never seen a tax hike introduced in Illinois that wasn’t passed.


    Seattle was trying (probably did by now) institute a BICYCLE TAX because the save the planet crowd was evading gasoline taxes.

    I told you, they are ALL addicted to fossil fuels, but the left wing just pretends they care about the planet to make themselves look innocent.

    Again, the left wing is exposed as FAKE!

  7. Leftists are parasites that, given the opportunity, will hop on any host they think they can rob under the label of their latest Poop Du Jour agenda.

  8. Saving the earth has a price tag on it, put on it by our elected officials. Keep voting for the those democrats who have the right, so they believe, to reach into you pocket any time they dream up a project.

  9. Someone has to pay for the roads, why should some people get to use them for free with others being the ones that pay for them?

    When you consider the expense of building special bicycle lanes and such for bicycles, they seem to get the most benefit from the current fuel tax road financing system since they pay nothing for the highest road cost per rider mile on the roads.

  10. How much are they gonna tax residents who move OUT-of-state, to escape leftist lunacy? $100,000 per U-Haul? 😳

  11. I retired from a state DOT. I remember that the increase in hybrid vehicles was taking its toll on fuel tax revenues. They were considering GPS type technology to tax by miles driven.
    So, the coal fired “zero emission” cars are getting a free ride.
    The pompous Prius drivers like to flaunt their high MPG toys. I’ve seen one with a bumper sticker saying “Go ahead carbon tax me.”

  12. Good for Illinois.
    Morons need to be reminded of their moronicisms once in a while.
    Being a pack animal (or herd animal) means having to sacrifice one (some?) for “the greater good” as circumstances demand.

    No doubt the bleating sheep will bleat, with tears in their eyes, at the seeming injustice of it all, but in the end they’ll understand that the wolves need mutton and wool. Each sheep will hope that he’s the last on the menu – that all the other sheep will be consumed before he’s even looked at – and that, maybe, he’ll be too old or infirm. But, of course, the wolves love to eat the old and infirm, just as they love to eat the tender youngsters – because they’re EASIER!

    By the time the sheep figure it out (if they ever do) they’re entirely hemmed in.

    izlamo delenda est …

  13. They should also have to post a bond to make sure those batteries are properly recycled. The recycling should be heavily regulated by the EPA, and performed only by (expensively) licensed (crony)companies. Give them the full taste of their own medicine.

  14. In Illinois, the unicorns are going extinct, the colorful flowers are dying, the rainbows have all turned to a sickly shade of pink-grey, and little girls have stopped blowing bubbles.

    Tough shit, Illinois. Along with being the dumbest state, you can also take pride in hosting Homicide City.

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