Leftists Regurgitate NoKo Propaganda

SNIP: If he was 3 inches shorter, he’d be a ball.


Diogenes’ Middle Finger:

FPM – As Matthew Vadum notes, the violent anti-Trump groups Refuse Fascism and the Workers World Party are siding with North Korea and spouting pro-North Korean propaganda talking points, and in at least one case, copying and pasting official North Korean statements into communiques. As it happens, North Korean propaganda is also showing up in the establishment media.

Consider “Reunification, not war, in Korea,” a “special” piece for the Sacramento Bee on September 5, when Kim Jong-un was fondling his new hydrogen bomb. Author Geoffrey Fattig, a “former speechwriter for the U.S. State Department,” is not disturbed by “Kim Jong-un’s blatant disregard of the will of the international community,” and describes it only as “distasteful.”

So threatening the United States and its allies is a matter of taste, as Molotov once said about fascism. Fattig’s problem is Donald Trump. “Unfortunately,” he explains, “sanity doesn’t seem to be a hindrance facing our new president.”  MORE

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  1. That defines the leftist’s as the enemy. Now we need to get them in uniforms so we know who to shoot. Should be easy, I don’t think Kim’s fat ass could hide behind a tank.

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