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“Let’s Go Brandon” Raps Topping iTunes

Washington Times

The number of songs called “Let’s Go Brandon” rising to the top of the charts has doubled in a matter of days.

As of Thursday, there were four anti-Biden rap anthems called “Let’s Go Brandon” on the iTunes top 10 U.S. music chart, as shown on PopVortex, twice the number of Brandon-themed songs that had reached the top 10 on Monday. More

4 Comments on “Let’s Go Brandon” Raps Topping iTunes

  1. Jackass Joe
    Quid-Pro-Quo Joe
    Captain Crap Weasel
    Joseph Stolen
    Joe ZeDung
    Mr 81M

    Offhand I’d say the angry old bastard has an identity crisis too!

  2. All the Let’s Go Brandon tunes are rapidly becoming this generations Der Fuhrer’s Face by Spike Jones with the same devastating parody and satire.


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