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Let’s See What the Maniacal Left Does To These People

Names of six jurors who acquitted George Zimmerman made public

Orlando Sentinel

The names of the six-member jury panel that acquitted George Zimmerman in the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin have been made public for the first time, after a new court order, records show.

Circuit Judge Debra Nelson, who had previously ordered the jurors’ identifying information be kept confidential, granted access to the names in a ruling March 21.

Zimmerman’s defense asked the judge in June to keep the names secret until six months after the verdict. The judge set no timeline then, but noted in her new order they have been withheld more than eight months.


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  1. No worries; the Onion is reporting that Jackson and Sharpton will offer 24/7 protection to these individuals.

  2. if we bad rule of law in this country, the judge would be held accountable for her actions should one of these people come to harm due to her “decision”.

    anyone who resists the big government state certainly has come into their share of “problems”.

    people who fear the government live in tyranny.

  3. The judge said it was “well past the six month ‘cooling off’ period requested by the defense.”

    Since when do the racial demagogues on the Left ever cool off?

    Slavery ended almost 150 years ago and they’re still not over it, despite the fact that none of them were ever slaves (no matter what Sheila Jackson-Lee says).

    They still shriek like stuck pigs over poll taxes (a Democrat inspiration) and Jim Crow (a Democrat inspiration) despite the fact that Republicans did away with those more than a half century ago.

    And this judge thinks that 8 months after the Zimmerman acquittal these hacks will have “cooled off?!”

    Dear God. Some people are too stupid for words.

  4. The name, address, phone number, summer residence address of the judge should be made public. Dontcha think?

  5. Lezz see. Hmm….NOT outside the realm of possibilities:


    Dat how dey roll.

  6. Idiot, short-sighted, irresponsible decision by this “judge”.

    I can’t believe how many of these ‘circuit court judges’ are absolute morons.

  7. An eight month cooling off period???
    Look what the leftists have done to the guy from Mozilla, co-founder Brendan Eich, who is stepping down as CEO because the leftist mafia is damaging Mozilla’s brand so badly – all because SIX YEARS AGO Eich donated a stinking $1,000 to pass California’s Proposition 8, a constitutional amendment that outlawed same-sex marriages.
    (BTW – Activist courts in action: The ban was overturned last year when the U.S. Supreme Court left in place a lower-court ruling striking down the ballot measure.)

  8. @Stranded – yes you did, you nailed it.

    And so did you judgeroybean – I think six years is a long enough cooling off period to reveal the usurper’s records.

  9. Look back a number of years and you’ll find the left has been finding compliant judges to unseal records that are then used for political advantage. Take a look at Obama’s run for Federal Senate against Jack Ryan. I lefty reporter was told that in his sealed divorce agreement was some juicy details that would end Ryans run (he was married to Jeri Ryan, “7 of 9” from Star Trek) for the Senate. The left found a Clinton appointed liberal judge in California and despite please from both parents to keep the records closed for the sake of the children the Judge made the records public without waiting for an appeal to be filed (not the norm) and his run for the Senate was destroyed (it was all about Jack wanting Jeri to go to some sex clubs with him), The moron GOP parachuted a candidate in with three months left in the campaign and was destroyed. The left have no belief in the rule of law at all.

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