Liberal Logic

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  1. “I smell some type of Evolution going on here?”

    Said the WOLF to the sheep.

    Then the wolf pounced.

  2. …this leaves out the part where the White sheep are shamed into letting in more wolves to the pasture just to prove they’re not rayciss, and then the shepard that the wolves elected (with the help of self-hating sheep and sheep that think that if they go along the wolves will eat them last) forces them to live together, then goes home for the night…

  3. Libs are emotionally retarded simpletons that have no regard for the harm they cause to others. They view the world through a warped lens and have an overly exaggerated sense of moral superiority. They act on their compulsions to satisfy their egos.

  4. The sheepdog would have shown up to save the sheep from the wolf, but the black sheep accused him of racism and got him fired. Too bad.


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