Liberals Launch Racist Attacks On Clarence Thomas After Scalia’s Death



Reaction to the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia sparked a wrath of hatred toward Justice Clarence Thomas on social media.

Scalia and Thomas were friends and allies on the court, something that never sat well with progressives.


11 Comments on Liberals Launch Racist Attacks On Clarence Thomas After Scalia’s Death

  1. Linking worky. It goes to a blank screen.

    Libs are such horrible people. Thomas has got to be hurting from the sudden, unexpected loss of a dear friend, and now he’s getting picked on for no reason at all.

  2. To collectivists, if you are black you must be a blood-sucking parasite or a cognitively impaired activist/agitator. To them, anything else isn’t authentically black.

    “More” is a borken link.

  3. Since the start of Barky’s second term, speculation has been that if a SCOTUS judge died, it would be a conservative one. Scalia was off in the remote region around Marfa, TX, where help and communications are limited….I hope someone with on grain of integrity oversees a complete autopsy of Judge Scalia’s remains, looking for anything pointing to non-natural causes for his death. He was a great man, and when the Socialists and Commies are now cheering his death, it makes me sick for what has happened to our once great nation….Thank you Barky the Biatche…..

  4. Funny how the progtards espouse “civil discourse” when they are trying to foist their ideology on others, and become unhinged when that ideology is flatly rejected.

  5. The bottom line is liberals don’t like Justice Thomas being a conservative and free man. He ran away from the libturd Demorat plantation and that is not acceptable. How dare he think independently.

  6. THIS JUST IN: I’ve been reading up on Scalia’s life, and guess what? He was also friendly with Justice Ginsburg.

    Scalia, his widow, Ginsburg, and her late husband had a common interest in opera and would attend performances together. They also had a tradition of dining together every New Year’s Eve. Look, if Ted Kennedy and Orrin Hatch could be besties despite their yuuge philosophical differences, then I suppose anything is possiblein Washington.

    But will the libs turn on Ginsburg now? Of course not.

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