Liberals Still Boycotting Chick-fil-A For Not Being Woke Enough

Dan –

If there’s a rule book out there for dealing with social justice warriors, never apologizing must be the first rule. While far-left activists do seek social change, their main motivation is control. Could we expect anything less from the same kind of people who want to shape every conceivable part of society in their own image?

After fending off their own left-wing mob for over a half-decade resulting from their charitable donations, Chick-Fil-A finally caved. Now it’s evident that they never should’ve. Management at Chick-fil-A must’ve convinced themselves that their critics had a legitimate grievance that could be remedied.

Unfortunately, when you transgress against the left, the resulting scarlet letter is permanent. As Christian Headlines reported:

The planned opening of a Chick-fil-A in Windsor, Ontario, is drawing protests from LGBT activists, despite the company’s change in giving strategy.

About 20 people protested outside the Windsor city hall Monday, holding signs reading “Chick-fil-A hates LGBTQ+ people,” and “Chick-fil-A is a homophobe,” according to the Windsor Star. “If and when they do open, we’re going to be there protesting,” protest organizer Cole Fortier told the newspaper. “Their grand opening, job fairs, whatever they have, we’re going to be there.”


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  1. That’s the problem with being a traitor: your original side will hate you and your new side won’t trust you.

  2. There must be a whole new crew of Common Core CEOs who never learned the basics:
    1) Focus on your product and the customers
    2) Take care of your employees financially and morally.
    Take care of that and the company will take care of itself.
    Instead they want to play Silly Social Justice Warrior Games in some mistaken belief that it will somehow make them morally superior! Either that or they are wimps cowed by an Uber-Liberal-Progrssive shake-down to which I say grow a pair and focus on the basics (see above)! First and foremost, DO NOT stray from the fundamental responsibilities to your people!

  3. I just drove by (today) the Chick-Fil-a that I USED to go to. It was noon, and normally with very long lines inside and in the drivethrough. It was NOON on a Saturday! I counted three cars in the drivethrough and a handful of people inside.

    I felt sad. But NOT for them.

    I’m sad that we lost them to the left … which will still and always hate them.

  4. Secret Santa time at work. The person I drew listed Chick-fil-A as her favorite restaurant. Went in yesterday morning around 0800 to buy her a gift card. Place was nearly deserted. Usually breakfast has more people than that.

  5. Management at Chick-fil-A must’ve convinced themselves that their critics had a legitimate grievance that could be remedied.

    No. Chick-fil-A hired their professional betters — xeople (as usual, the “x” is pronounced “sh”) whose job is (always, not usually) self-described as “being better” than those they control. Scorpions do, what scorpions do, because it’s what scorpions are.

    There can be any number of reasons the people who built Chick-fil-A, decided to hire people who’s reason for existence is (not was) to destroy. Everything. Chick-fil-A just happened to be where they were. None of those reasons reflect well on the people who hired them, in the very first instance. Maybe there’s some explanation?

  6. Maybe someone will open a new chicken fast food restaurant….

    and focus on food….not social awoke progressivism.

  7. The golden goose is dead and you didn’t even get a single egg.

    Someone could write an instructive story about that.

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