NYC Turning “Potter’s Field” Into Public Park


Hart Island, the largest public cemetery in the nation, with remains of an estimated one million people, became a New York City park Wednesday as Mayor Bill de Blasio signed a law giving the Department of Parks and Recreation control of the Bronx landmark.

With the stroke of a pen, de Blasio made the one-square-mile slice of land a public space and ended decades of control of the island by the city’s Department of Correction, which had restricted access and used inmate volunteers as gravediggers. The burials, stretching back to 1869, were of deceased who were both identified and unknown.

The mayor also signed related legislation, including a companion measure tasking the city Department of Transportation with devising more extensive ferry service to the island for the public. Currently, access is available from one dock on City Island operated by correction officials. More

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  3. If you have ever flown into NY via LGA, you have flown over this island on the approach in the LI Sound, so keep an eye out next time!

  4. In one way, this was a good thing.
    I have heard stories in the past of family members of people buried on Hart’s Island who were unable to visit the graves because of the restrictions enforced by the DoC, including limiting visitation to one day per year. I have also heard some of the graves closest to the shores are in such bad upkeep by the DoC that coffins are being uncovered during extreme high tide events.
    Perhaps as a public park, the cemetery will start getting the respect it deserves?

  5. IF your relatives were buried there, would you like strangers walking over them, leaving their trash, spitting and doing all the other stuff people do in parks? How about some of New Yorks’ finest faggots having sex on top of grandma? Total disrespect.

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