Libs Gather In Baltimore To Share Their Psychosis

A Republic House member retreat in Baltimore this weekend was all the excuse needed by the deranged left to show up and declare the “GOP Is Racist.” Federalist correspondent, Chrissy Clark, disguised herself as a member of the unbalanced to report back with video of the insanity. Here

8 Comments on Libs Gather In Baltimore To Share Their Psychosis

  1. Saw some local footage while scrolling.
    Werern’t many and several seemed to be wearing
    outlandish gear and weird animal masks.
    In other words, for them they looked normal…..
    for halloween.

  2. Wait a minute…if this land was “stolen” from the Natives, doesn’t that mean we should stop letting people from other countries come here to occupy it?

  3. They accuse us of being haters, and yet their only reason for being there is to spew hatred at us. It doesn’t matter if you support Trump or not. If you reject their narrative, you’re a hater.


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