Lincoln Memorial Closed After Georgetown Graduate’s Drunken Party – IOTW Report

Lincoln Memorial Closed After Georgetown Graduate’s Drunken Party

The Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., was shut down Saturday morning after a crowd of seniors from Georgetown University left broken bottles and spilled wine on the monument’s steps.

Hundreds of students had gathered to watch the sunrise Saturday after the senior ball on Friday. A few took a dip in the Reflecting Pool. 

The National Park Service announced a brief delay in accessibility to the Lincoln Memorial, saying the group had left debris in the area. More

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  1. Insurrection I tell ya!

    let’s do like the Commies that they worship used to do … find out how many were there (there’s probably as much surveillance vid as Jan.6, & there are guards there all the time), pick out random Georgetown seniors to match the amount of entitled trash dogs there, rescind their diplomas, send a few ‘professors’ & a few of those Commie Jesuits running that festering shithole to the Gulag … call it ‘justice’

  2. Park Service is only around if you scuff up some grass.

    “You are gonna PAY for this dead grass!”

    “Fuck off! Do you know who I am?”

    “No, but you are gonna tell me right NOW!”

    “Fuck you!”…. giggles and burns up moar grass fleeing in a Bell van.

  3. These dumbass privileged snotty college kids need to have their ass kicked publicly and put to shame. Bring back the stocks and put everyone of these jackasses in them in the middle of the Washington Mall and throw rotten vegetables, baluts and other nasty shit into their faces and publicly humiliate them. And then make them pay for the damage they did to the Lincoln Memorial and reflecting pool. Abraham Lincoln would’ve kicked their ass along with US Grant and Wm. Tecumseh Sherman. If the South would’ve won the Civil War Stonewall Jackson would personally have shot and killed every one of these no good shitheads.

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