Wolf: Lipid Nanoparticles Created By CCP Are Present In CovidVax – IOTW Report

Wolf: Lipid Nanoparticles Created By CCP Are Present In CovidVax

Dr. Naomi Wolf: Lipid Nanoparticles, Created By The CCP And Present In The Covid Vaccine, Are Changing Human Beings At The Core.

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  1. Why does it take so PHUCKING long for the facts to be broadcast??

    Yes, that was another rhetorical question.

  2. We’re from the government and we’re here to help with hastily created, improperly tested vaccines. Trust us.

    The first four words in this post should have been a clue
    to not trust. Truly sorry and pray daily for those who fell for this crap. Especially after the Presidential election. Everyone except me and one nephew in my family fell for it too.

  3. retired RN here

    the injection was given in a public space, in violation of HIPAA
    the shot was not given in the Deltoid area, but rather in the upper lateral
    there was no sterilization of the injection site prior to injection

  4. I saw a meme on fake book that showed the back window of a vehicle with lettering that said: UNVAXXED SPERM $3500 A LOAD!
    Ah to be young again.

  5. Lies are what these promoters of genocide are all about. They sadistically laugh off and power trip over the Covid jab damage.

    Dr. Fauxci did not get the real poison Covid booster jab or any Covid jab…EVER. It’s been all theater with Fauxci. You can’t see any injection in the “Late Show” video. It’s too easy to fake. That’s what Hollywierd does best.

    Doubt that was a licensed physician assistant, pharmacist, nurse or “trained” certified Covid clinician. More likely an actor.

    The left need errand boys like Stephen Cobert to promote the Covid jab so that faithful Covidians feel good about themselves and other fools keep getting the jab.

  6. No one “consented” to have their genetics tampered with. There are LEGIONS of felons in the ranks of “public health” providers who promoted, provided and hustled this on their fellow man..
    Damn them all to Hell for their collusion.

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