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Lisa Marie Presley – Lights Out

She never got the credit she deserved as a performer –

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  1. I was touched when reading about Austin Butler (played Elvis in last year’s biopic) and his public gratitude to both Priscilla and Lisa Marie at the Golden Globes;

    Both ladies got to share something precious together before the daughter’s passing.

  2. My daughter in law is a Telemetry Nurse. Highly unusual they lose a patient after they have them stable. I read multiple places she was stable. I dunno. Hate to be an asshole but I’m pretty damn sure she voted for Biden and supported the JAB. They live in their own sound chamber. Until they die I guess. I have little patients for the elites.


    Sooner or later this shit’s gotta be recognized for what it is. We’re on the same page. I feel bad and all. But her politics killed her. There’s a steep price to be paid for being ignorant now days.

  4. She couldn’t even hold on to the music rights which could sustain anyone on this site for +100 years of income and investments.

    I used to google her once in a while, hoping she had straightened out, but every time it just made me sad to see her current state.

  5. I saw on Twitter she was sick with stomach pains at the Golden Globes. Then, that was linked to a medical article that one sign of severe myocarditis is…stomach pains.

    Who knows. She had many troubles and it’s all terribly sad.

    They always go in there’s in Hollywood. Jeff Beck, Lisa Marie…?!? With the vax in play it’s going to be 4’s, 5 and 6’s. 😔

  6. Wow she did look so much like her Father, but in this video she MOVES just like ELVIS.
    The glasses. Everything!
    Interesting marriage partners like, Micheal Jackson, Nicholas Cage.
    May she be reunited with her Dad…..


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