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Listen For the Father’s Voice

HT/ JD HAsty

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  1. In my 20s, there was one time I was struggling with something sitting in the middle of my living room not thinking or seeing anything but black. That’s when I heard God tell my spirit that he is always with me. No matter what I go through in my life, I will remember that he has me in his hands.

  2. Claudia, God has always been with me even in the worst of times. One time I was stumbling drunk on my way back to the Kitty Hawk from Olongapo City in the Philippines and God showed me that I had a hole in my heart that could only be filled by him. Even in the darkest, stupidest times God was always with me far more than I ever knew keeping me safe. And I’m thankful for that because it kept me from going over the deep end further and I’ve had a very good life since then with great blessings of grace and mercy than I can ever explain in any other fashion. It’s always been about all about grace and forgiveness and things I could never do on my own that God helped me thru.

  3. That was awesome! Thanks for posting!

    It’s been too many years since I heard my father’s voice (decades, even) but I have no doubt I’ll recognize it on The Other Side when I do.

  4. Very powerful video and message. A beautiful example of God’s love.

    So many times I’ve hit very dark painful low points and God’s come to my rescue. There are also times when I’ve pleased the Lord. For every time, I’ve heard God’s voice. His voice overwhelms me with joy and comfort. My cup truly runneth over.


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