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Little League World Series player has emergency surgery after fall from bed

(UPI) — Easton Oliverson, a 12-year-old from Snow Canyon’s Little League World Series team, underwent emergency surgery after he fell out of bed and injured his head in Williamsport, Pa. He remains in an intensive care unit.

Little League International said that the incident occurred early Monday inside a dormitory complex, where the Santa Clara, Utah-based team was staying. Easton’s dad, Jace Oliverson, told that his son fell 6 feet, hit a hard floor and fractured his skull and cheekbone.

Oliverson was airlifted to Geisinger Janet Weis Children’s Hospital in Mechanicsville, Pa., for surgery.

“I’ve always been a firm believer of prayer and the power that comes with it, and I feel like if people continue to rally around us that he will make a full recovery,” Jace Oliverson told KSL-TV.


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  1. Sounds like the kid was in the top of an unfamiliar bunk bed that either wasn’t side protected or he got up for some reason and forgot he was six feet up.

    Or, it was a hazing incident or practical joke among prepubecent males gone terribly wrong. Kids don’t always think things out.

    There’s not enough info here to tell.

    Either way, closed head injuries can be very dangerous, life-altering, even fatal, depending on what’s damaged and how long before he was discovered. Here, then, is a child and a family that believes in prayers, and needs our prayers.

    There’s a limit to what doctors can do.

    But no limit to what God can do.

    Dear Lord, we come before you today in prayer and supplication that You may speed Your healing touch to Easton Oliverson, who is in desperate need of it. Please seal his veins, reduce his swelling, retain his mental capacity, and give him full and complete healing that he may recover, and grow to praise You and tell his family present and future of the miracle of Your healing. Walk around his bedside, guide his earthy doctors as the Ultimate Physician, and extend Your healing touch to his friends and family who pleadingly turn to You for his recovery.

    We thank You and praise You for the healing you’ve done so far, and for the message of health that is already on the way, to make the sign of Your glory and Your mercy in the return of this young life.

    It is in the precious name of Jesus we pray,

    God Bless,


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