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  1. They’ve already discover like 200 plus registered voters in one of those Ohio counties that are apparently over 115 years old.

  2. linda sarsour has said that iman is her ‘mentor’ and one of the most important people she has ever met.

    “At last year’s ISNA conf, Linda Sarsour began the speech thanking her “favorite person in this room … Imam Siraj Wahhaj, who has been a mentor, motivator, & encourager of mine.”

    Whole Wahhaj fam just went down for setting up a terror training camp in NM

    — Jordan Schachtel (@JordanSchachtel) A”

  3. What do you guys think about the video done by the RNC “Winning Is Winning”?

    Dr. Tar posted it on this website and we were discussing whether it was a good idea. Czar of Defenestration thought it was “an AWFUL “ad.”” and that it was “almost goading Democrats to “get out the vote””.

    Here was my response:

    I’m not so confident that the R win will stand. I’ve been through Al Franken stealing his senatorial seat and this is too close to be victory dancing, yet.

    I wouldn’t be poking them in the eye until it’s over. And I agree with Czar. Giving the left a reason to fight harder is not what we should be doing now.

    This push back against the “Blue Wave” by saying it will be a Red Wave just makes me so nervous. I know my feelings come from living in Minnesota for 30 years, but I know what the left can do.

    DON’T BE COMPLACENT or over confident. Massive voter fraud will happen.

  4. I just got here so I don’t know if you discussed Asswipe Mark Coleman’s redaction of what he said about Rep. Jim Jordan of OHIO.
    My take is, these 20, 30 year old claims of abuse should be taken with a grain of salt. I am sure that many innocent people have been accused by terribly troubled people.I am also sure that there has, at times, been foul play. But 20 or 30 years? WTF? What do you guys think?

  5. Hey Mr. Pinko, Stormy ain’t gone. Don’t say that! I’m meeting her next Tuesday at the “Pig N’ Whistle” on 3rd Avenue. Without her creepy lawyer. She said something about a Wolenski, I donno, I’ll let you know. Night guys, gotta get a refill while the wife is occupied with the Kardashians.

  6. How does Canada plan the fight the Saudis? With an ever shrinking base of allies to rely upon as well as trade with, does Canada as we know it face extinction?

    (fingers crossed for “yes”)

  7. Jim Acosta… whutta friggin Maroon! democRATs can’t even see their hypocrisy of their absurd accusations!
    On the one hand they scream bloody murder about so-called “Russian election interference”, then turn around and encourage and enable illegal Mexicans to vote in our elections… while the Fake News refuses to point it out!

  8. Beyond Trump? John James.

    Not predicting; just throwing it out there.

    PS, I get nervous when people talk about Trump’s family. No more dynasties. Kennedy, Clinton, Bush – no more.

  9. Mike how pissed is most of Canada with what Justy and his side kick did to piss off the Saudia’s.
    We need you on our side.

  10. Who beyond Trump? It’s going to have to be another charismatic, conservative business titan. If he wasn’t about the same age as Trump, I’d say I’d love to see Tom Barrak (spelling?) run. It has to be someone who doesn’t talk about “straight talk”, but actually talks straight.

  11. toby miles
    AUGUST 9, 2018 AT 8:55 PM
    ohio- governor john kasich’s father was a mailman.

    It’s a little known secret since Johns “retirement” he’s spends most days in his bathrobe, down in the basement going thru years of mail Pops (ala Newman) neglected to deliver.

  12. Trump being Trump is what makes Trump different… and I think that’s a good thing!
    Why would we want the same old, same old when we know what works?

  13. Where were the R. voters in Ohio 40% turn out what a bunch of lazy people.D. 87%. what do we have to do to get people to the voting booth,carry them.
    Kasich needs to be kicked in the butt.

  14. My favorite entertainment “Best Compilation of People who Laughed at Trump”. Youtube
    No Kardashian’s for me.

  15. We need more people to send people to the polls.
    Get out and help.
    Jordan is not that kind of guy Pinko, he is one of us,a really good guy.

  16. “Jordan is not that kind of guy Pinko, he is one of us,a really good guy.”

    Exactly, he’s not a lawyer, he is a wrestler, and apparently he doesn’t own a sports coat. What’s not to love.

  17. Thanks Mike and Pinko.Nice show keep it up.
    How can you get other sites to link the show?
    Like Andrea S. King use to do.


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