Massive Democrat Shenanigans Expected in 2018 Midterm Elections

The bull$hit “Trump Colluded With Russia To Steal the Election” narrative is most likely being pushed as a way to justify their own theft. It’s being used to embolden the already ethically challenged party.


Eric Eggers of the Government Accountability Institute (GAI) said in an interviewwith Breitbart Radio that narrow GOP election victories like the one in Ohio’s 12th district on Tuesday could flip enough seats that Democrats will regain congressional control when voter fraud is factored in.

Even more unnerving: Eggers said there is enough documentation indicating that voter fraud is widespread enough it could even affect the outcome of presidential elections (unlike “The Russians”).

“We found that in the state of Florida, in 2016, there were 2,100 double-votes that were cast. That means 2,100 times, somebody that lives in Florida cast a ballot, and then cast a second ballot in a different state. … That’s nearly four times what the margin of victory was in the presidential election in 2000.”


19 Comments on Massive Democrat Shenanigans Expected in 2018 Midterm Elections

  1. Every time a dem is losing in a tight race more ballots are “found” and always all go to the dems.
    The GOP had better get an army of lawyers on stand by.

  2. The finger is in the dam
    and we better fix this SOON
    or our republic is gone into anarcky-malarky.
    Getting more crazy & insane everyday.

  3. Yesterday, I heard some fruit on NPR scoffing at Trump’s voter fraud commission. He claimed it was disbanded early because no evidence of voter fraud was being found. That’s fine if he wants to believe that. But I hate to break it to him that the fraud investigation was not killed, and it continues under the aegis of the DHS. All of that data the Dem-controlled states were trying to hide? It’s a safe bet that info was pretty easy to get, without all the costly legal delaying actions by Dem Govs and SOS’s. The Dems refuse to learn that when something gets in Trump’s way, he doesn’t give up. He always finds another way. (Trump and the Mar-a-Lago flagpole, for example)

    There are many private investigations going on, too. I just now saw a guy on Fox talking about his book on vote fraud. I know the RINOs and Nevertrumps don’t believe in the deep state, and I bet they no longer believe there is voter fraud, either. Luckily, nobody is listening to them, and more eyes will be on the precincts than ever before. I hope Trump is still serious about exposing and stopping this crap.

  4. I wonder what would happen if Lazlo and some sturdy mates hung out in front of a liberal district voting place wearing Trump gear and swinging barbed wire adorned bats and sporting machetes and (OMG) carrying dangerous looking military style firearms and ‘clips’ and wearing tactical clothing.
    You know, just like what the Black Panthers did
    Prolly get sat on by fifty cops and Tasered and beat with batons, then jailed for two years prior to trial.

  5. My take: There needs to be a nation-wide purge of all voter rolls. To re-register, you need proof of citizenship (not just driver license) and your main homestead address. All voter rolls must be synced to prevent people from registering in multiple districts/states.

    Also, no voting machines to prevent the tampering that Soros programed into them.

    There are many more things that could be done, but the must be started soon.

  6. Claudia, ALSO: ban all New Yorkers from owning anything in Florida (sorry, Fur). Own property there? Then sorry, can’t buy here.
    (yeah, I know it’s not legal, but it’s the thought that counts…)

    THEY’RE the c!cks*ckers double-voting here. And, without NY’s aid in identifying them….

  7. Illegals will be voting in droves in November and unfortunately, none of the practical and correct ways to have a corruption free election will be implemented effectively. Too many moving parts of the gargantuan Deep State political machine. The electoral process will sabotaged. Expects a major battle conservatives can only win with favor from God through prayer.

  8. I continue to be amazed that up here in Canada we have stronger voter identity laws then in the States. Two pieces of ID (drivers license, passport, health card and the like one with a photo) your voter card (received in the mail according to your Revenue Canada home address) and a piece of mail (bill, bank statement etc) and your name on the voter list. If you’re not on the list and don’t have a card then you can still vote if an eligible voter will swear you are who you say you are (still have to have ID) and they can only vouch for one person. Doesn’t slow anything down. Even our lefties don’t bitch about it being too hard for minorities or the poor to vote.

  9. I’ve been hired as the inspector at my polling place in the AZ primary at the end of this month and I’m taking the day off from my real job (the one that pays the bills) to do it. I’ve been taking a vacation day to work the polls for the past two elections. I figure it’s a great way to keep the shenanigans down at a local level.

    (As a side benefit, I got to watch with unmitigated glee as the crazy liberals around me melted down in disbelief as President Trump was elected. You can’t buy that kind of entertainment!)


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