Liz Chaney Dumps All Her Unused Campaign Money into Anti-MAGA PAC – IOTW Report

Liz Chaney Dumps All Her Unused Campaign Money into Anti-MAGA PAC

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17 Comments on Liz Chaney Dumps All Her Unused Campaign Money into Anti-MAGA PAC

  1. Several rounds of litigation are in order here. This is NOT what the donations were supposed to be used for.

    I would think that there would be campaign laws on the books addressing this specific issue. All monies going to a candidate to assist in her campaign, once decided she is no longer running, for anything, all those funds should be returned.

    What an evil bitch, she knows the donors are not on board with all the Trump vitriol. Her being a sore loser reveals her lib credentials.

  2. I think it’s fair to say, Trump grabbed her by the pussy. With a pair of vice grips. The bitch is clinical.

  3. @Rich Taylor August 23, 2022 at 1:51 pm

    > Several rounds of litigation are in order here.

    Of course they are.

    ‘Cuase stupid gotta stoop.

    On they’s dimes.

  4. She dumps all the money into a PAC that will promptly hire her as a “consultant”. Just more looting by the uniparty filth.

  5. Unused campaign funds are supposed to be returned to the party the candidate ran under, in this case the Republican Party. Lizzy is so absorbed in her TDS that she’s going to blow a heart valve and need a transplant like daddy got, but that new ticker just may reject itself from the evil body it was stuffed into.

  6. From one Garbage Can into another.

    The Orange Guy is coming back and he’s wearing a big heavy pair of Shit Kicking boots.


    Wrong! Cheneys have been conservative haters for over 50 years. If you give a Cheney ‘”$ it is to defeat conservatives! Which is precisely what she is now doing.

    Just like all the SorosBush Super PACs that l. Lerner green lighted 16 years ago!

  8. @ an ol exJarhead

    Cheney voted with Trump 93% of the time during her congressional career;

    For the average Wyoming voter, this record of approving Trump’s policies no doubt spurred numerous campaign contributions. It was only after Jan 6th that she lost her mind.

    For those donors that gave her money before that date and do not share her TDS, they are owed a refund.

  9. C U Next Tuesday. What in insufferable twat.

  10. Why does she always look like she just threw up in her mouth and knows she has to swallow it back down?

  11. Rich

    On the most important vote in House last year she voted with Nancy to override Don’s veto of the bill allowing “Big Tech” to “de-platform” or “Memory Hole” conservatives. On the trivial stuff she was with him; true. But on the most important vote she was with the Bush/Biden UNIPARTY.

    “Those voters….”
    are immaterial. Far too small to waste your time typing !

    The mind boggling majority of her $ came from folk that have known the Cheneys have hated conservatives for over 50 years,, Which as the 4 preceding links say IS WHY THEY GAVE TO THE CONSERVATIVE HATER!
    And are happy with her current deeds!

    Hour turn

  12. At least this means she won’t be running for anything again

  13. No amount of money-dumping, boo-hooing, no-dik daddies, and platters of hamburgers is gonna change the fact that the Cheney beast is a sore loser who has pouted and sulked her gluttonous self through life. pity.

  14. It should be said that the vulgar Cheney woman who promises to “work” against Americans really needs a bigger dress size.

  15. Keep digging Liz!
    You’re on the right path, straight down.

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