Liz Warren not exactly impressing the Native Americans with her apology

American Thinker:

Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren is not impressing the Native American community with her latest apology.

According to the Washington Free Beacon:

The moderator at a Native American forum was shocked on Monday after Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) received very little enthusiasm about her potential election.

Warren participated in the presidential forum on Native American issues in Sioux, City, IA, where she apologized for the “harm” she caused for her past claims of Native American ancestry.

And sure enough, the apology — one of many she’s made for claiming Native American ancestry for the career-useful purpose of taking up a Native American slot on the affirmative action front for more than one Ivy League teaching spot — is kind of inadequate.  Playing Native American, after all, is what made her, something that eventually led to her creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, her job as senator, and now her near frontrunning presidential candidacy.  If she didn’t falsely claim that Indian ancestry from the start and milk it to the max, she’d still be a house-flipper in Oklahoma.

All this, of course, at the expense of real Native Americans who were entitled to those slots — and didn’t get them.

So we see responses like these:

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  1. Screw the Indians! She owes all us white crackers an apology for disavowing her own race and throwing us under the bus.


    3 cups pure fraud
    2 tablespoons of deception
    a pinch of white lies
    1/2 a cup of two-face salt
    1/1,024 Honduran or possibly Mexican blood

  3. Why wouldn’t anyone accept an ‘apology’ that’s two years late and forced on the grifter who continues to live as a total fraud, unapologetically.

    Bury her to her neck in a field of rattlesnakes, native American style.


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