London Now Has Signage Warning Against “Street Fouling”

Paul Joseph Watson at Summit News

Signs are going up in London telling people not to sh*t in the streets.

A City of Westminster Clean Streets sign posted to Twitter reads, “This area is being monitored for street fouling. Anyone urinating or defecating may be subject to arrest.”

“Welcome to London. Do not shit in the street,” tweeted Old Holborn. More

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  1. *reads No Public Defecation signs*

    ‘ere, that’s me cultcha, yuh racist kaffir bahstards!

    *pulls out knife and bottle of acid, looks for nearest white person*

  2. Common sense tells you that’s it not polite to shit on the sidewalks. But I guess common sense isn’t so common anymore. Are they going make the signs say Curb your human and make them carry plastic bags with them to clean up their mess after they shit on the sidewalk. And is street fouling now a new game that they play in London?

  3. The biggest problem with the signs is it a written in English. None of the principal defenders can read English. The signs that waste of money.

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  5. Anyone guilty of shitting in public “MAY” be subject to arrest. There’s your problem right there. Same as in SF. Cops won’t arrest these shitters, because : a.) It’s too much trouble, especially with “catch and release”.
    b.). Homeless are a protected class. c.). Islamic privilege. d.) All the above.

  6. Humans have no better behavior than dogs in the UK, and we know how much the Muzzies like dogs….

    What is the next step…. and there always is a next step for these Muzzie barbarians.

  7. Anybody growing up in an advanced Western civilization culture doesn’t need this. Only those coming from a 7th century shiitehole of a culture…………..

  8. “Cops won’t arrest these shitters…”

    Tony R, the cops are going to arrest those who joke on twitter about the shitters.

  9. I see London, I see France I see Mohammed’s underpants. Oh look, he’s taking a shit I guess that I’ll just have to step over it and not throw a snit if I accidentally step in it. The Bobbies would say it’s my fault and probably charge me with assault.

  10. We’ve sunk so low as a culture that poop movies are funny, I’ll pass, I grew out of poop jokes when I was in grade school. And with this shitty movie we can really say that Hollyweird is lower than whale shit at the bottom of the Marianna’s Trench.

  11. Oh no! My apartment complex is turning into London!

    We just got notices for dog owners that there are some who are not picking up their doggies doodoo. They have been collecting samples and getting the DNA from each one.

    Now, dog owners must bring their doggies into the office for a DNA test to put in their file. If they match with any of the offending remains of their dog’s ‘duty’, they will have to pay a fee.

    I bet the doggie owners who let them crap and run are crapping their own shorts thinking about the $200 fee!

  12. geoff the aardvark
    AUGUST 1, 2019 AT 10:52 AM
    “We’ve sunk so low as a culture that poop movies are funny, I’ll pass”

    …no worries, I don’t think ANYONE thought The Emoji Movie was funny, and their ratings would seem to bear that out.

    …it’s only funny when Captain Picard does it…


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