“Look Out, Helter Skelter”


Norwich Cathedral in England has installed a helter skelter so visitors can get a better view of its vaulted nave before sliding down.

The 16.7-metre-high fairground ride has been positioned in the nave so that its 12-metre-high viewing platform offers a good view of the medieval cathedral’s Gothic ceiling. More

15 Comments on “Look Out, Helter Skelter”

  1. Well, it would seem they’re doing their best to turn Christianity into a joke anyway… Now there’s a ride…

  2. The Disneyification of Western Civilization – SO WHAT if they can see it up close ??
    Some extraordinary wonders of creation and of human endeavors and ingenuity are meant to be seen from afar – to inspire wonder and awe…. especially in God’s House.

    Do you think that the Muzzie barbarians would allow a carnival ride next to its black meteorite?

  3. England has become a giant theme park. Long lines everywhere, full of rude foreigners, high prices and plenty of weird characters running around acting goofy. Many of my friends from there won’t go to London when they visit family.

  4. …I was under the impression that the purpose of churches, no matter how ornate, was to give people a good view of God. You only need to be high enough up off the ground to read a Bible for THAT…

  5. …if you’re only there from the roof, enjoy it, because that’s as close to Heaven as you’re ever going to get…

  6. Now, more than ever, those of us who take our faith seriously need to do what we can to represent God to the world. He enjoys fun; after all, he created it. But this is more of a clown show than innocent fun. Where is the respect for others who might be there to find solace in a place of worship? There are plenty of times and places to have fun and not take away from the holy nature of God.

    Am I wrong? Am I being too stuffy?

  7. Helter Skelter? Oakey-Dokey then… Really???
    Did no one consider the implications of that name?
    Whut…. they gotta cheese grater at the bottom of the slide or whut?

  8. @TRF

    I thought the same thing. Are they tone-deaf or just too young and ignorant to remember August 1969?

    Helter-skelter has had one meaning since then, and it’s not a plaything for little kids.

  9. Member when some English celebrity said she thought East Anglia was in Africa? Almost too bad it isn’t, given that nowadays Africans seem to take Christianity more seriously that this ride bullshit.

    @Claudia: Nope.

  10. nice roof … too bad if someone ‘mislaid an acetylene torch’ … right, Notre Dame?

    btw, Helter-Skelter means a completely different thing in Great Britain … has for a long time

  11. Why am I suddenly reminded, of Jim & Tammy Faye Bakker’s “Waterslide for Jesus,” at their old PTL Club resort in Charlotte? 🙄


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