Look Who Wants To Be Trump’s VP

Scumbag Who Took $1.8 Million From Chris Kyle’s Widow.

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17 Comments on Look Who Wants To Be Trump’s VP

  1. If Trump entertains the idea for even 1 second I would no longer consider him for anything other than a punching bag.

  2. Jesse would be better off as Sander’s Veep. Bernie could also use him as bodyguard for the Black Lives Matter rabble.

  3. A real SEAL would knock that hat off his arrogant punkin head.
    Isn’t that what he sued about, getting his ass kicked by a real SEAL?
    What a disgusting human bean.
    I knew a real SEAL, got drunk with him several times, he never said a word about being a SEAL. A mutual friend told me, I confronted him, he admitted but made me promise to not tell others.
    Said it was like walking into a bar full of Napoleon complex guys, they all want to pick a fight with the big guy, being 6’4″ 250, I could relate.

  4. I’m in decent shape for my age – this old jarhead’ll do Thunderdome with Jesse The Little kitten – two men enter, one man leaves. We’ll see, if as he said in Predator that he’s, “I’m too busy to bleed.” Bring it on Governor Faux Seal!

  5. Go home Jesse, your credential has long expired.
    My thought is you should start a reality show where you hit yourself in the head with various grocery items and do agility tests to Benny Hill music.
    Think of all the dance moves you could Rock with a dent from a Chef Boyardi Can in your forehead.
    Add some skimpily clad babes dancing around and you got a hit.

  6. Ummm. . . . I don’t think that’s a photoshop. I think that’s real.
    Now, having said that, if you so kindly please, pass the eyebleach. STAT!!

  7. Where’s the Predator to take him out? Jesse is a brain dead idiot and even though I don’t live in Minnesota he was a bigger failure as governor than big Arnie was in Cal. No way in hell would I vote for Trump or anybody else for that matter who would pick Jesse as their veep. Maybe the idiocracy party needs a candidate, oh wait they already got shrillary.

  8. ” but it just went through my head,”
    Yeah. That and the wind whistling through the empty space between your ears.
    About the only thing your head and ears are useful for is to hold a place for your hat.

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